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  1. PunjabiPRO

    TV Shows Recommended By Digitians

    My only favourites :cool: 1. Two and a half men (COMEDY) On star world 2. Ghost hunters (star world)
  2. PunjabiPRO

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    If u guys are looking for Thrill of a Lifetime then u must watch- DEAD SILENCE (2007) A chill down the spine is guaranteed
  3. PunjabiPRO

    Will a PS3 imported from canada will run here???

    my uncle is coming to india frm canada,he asked me if he shud bring a PS3 for me,but i wanna know, will imported PS3 run smoothely here in India cuz i've heard of some power supply and NTSC/PAL issues with these consoles, but i'm not sure. Can u guys help out :confused:
  4. PunjabiPRO

    How to chk Download limit,plz guide???

    Hi guys, i have bsnl dataone 256kbps(night free) plan As the download is limited to 2.5 GB per month, is there any way to chk how much have i downloaded out of 2.5 GB until now.
  5. PunjabiPRO


    Do u guys know if thr r any TEKKEN tournaments held in india???
  6. PunjabiPRO

    Cant play MKV files, Plz guide??

    Thx to all u guys, i can play mkv format now :grin:
  7. PunjabiPRO

    Cant play MKV files, Plz guide??

    i have intel 845 board 2.4Ghz 160GB IDE HDD 512MB RAM winXP pro SP2, i have also installed K-lite mega codec pack,VLC player but whenever i try to play MKV format file, it opens in player, goes full screen automatically and the screen goes BLANK, the sound plays for 5 seconds but stops...
  8. PunjabiPRO

    Which Intel motherboard is best for Gaming??

    How about intels D975xbx2 or DX38BT or DP35DP Plz Guide :confused:
  9. PunjabiPRO

    How much ps2 worth these days ??

    Its Rs. 6990/- at chandigarh rt now at sony world with 1 yr warranty :D
  10. PunjabiPRO

    warcraft 3 unlocking races

    Unfortunately,There is no Naga Race in warcraft TFT but the Naga Seawitch is available at tavern as a neutral hero,means u can choose naga for any race as a hero. U shud play warcraft TFT online to get a better grip on the game, i hope ur playing the latest patch 1.21 :)
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