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    One year old KID needs help from Digit forum members regarding software..

    Hello Everybody. Thanks for all of your supports and suggestion to choose my PC. I assembled it myself with Intellectual inputs from forum readers. Now my 1 year old daughter Priyadarshini showing up her Interest in the new...
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    Help reqd. for Assembling an AMD3000+ or better at limited budget...

    I am going to purchase a new machine for my home. I am planning to get the following configuration within my budget. Athelon 64 3000+ (Venice core) = Rs. 5000 (Guwahati price) ASUS A8N VM = Rs. 3850 DDR 256 (Hynix) = Rs. 1750 (High price at this moment, expected to fall)...
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    Suggest me a good configuration at Rs. 8,000...

    Please suggest me a decent configuration of P4 / AMD Processor & a MotherBoard. My budget is strictly limited to Rs. 8000 to 9000 only for the Processor & M/B. Jyoti Rupam
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    Free Accounting S/W ?

    Can you guys suggest me a Free Accounting S/W for managing my personal exp. or for a small business ? Easy to use, ease of getting info. etc. ? Please...
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    Driver For GA-K8S760M (SIS Chipset)

    I have lost the driver CD. Where I will be able to get drivers for the M/B ?
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    80 GB HDD Showing only 10GB :(

    I purchased a new 80 GB Barracuda today to connect it into my 845GV M/B P4 machine. I want to keep 98 & XP . While partitioning with Fdisk it shows only 10 GB. Please Help Me ...
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