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    upgrading to windows 7

    I didn't know where to post this --- I had sent a mail to agent001 but didn't get any reply so I'm posting this here -- Last month I got the HP Mini 1001TU as a gift from my uncle. It came with Windows Xp home edition, I have Windows 7 on my desktop PC and like it very much. After using...
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    drivers for Windows 7

    I have upgraded to Windows 7 ultimate but my vista drivers are not working in it so I'm not getting any graphic effects like areo etc. What should I do, from where can I get drivers, I just know that I'm using a lenovo PC. I tried using Driver detective etc. but they are paid software so no luck...
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    Last Month's digit

    I missed last months digit:( Is there any way to get it? I'm ready to pay double amount.. plz help me.
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    Hosting blog to a website

    I have bought a domain with the intention of transferring my blog to it. But I don't know how to do that. Please help.
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