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    [Preview+Feedback] OCTOBER 2005 DVD and CD

    Digit October 2005 DVD Highlights //F.E.A.R. //Viet Cong 2 //FlightGear 0.9.8 //NASA WorldWind //LEIF 2.5 //AutoPatcher XP //Google Earth //neoDVD 7 DIGITAL PASSION Dev Tools Evolution Personal Edition Gecko.NET GIS Control and Library 1.02 MailEnable Standard...
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    [By Demand] October 2005 DVD+CD

    Ok so the mighty Rain Gods couldn't stop us from completing the DVD on time. This was one of the hardest DVD/CD in terms of deadline. Anyhow, we know there is a problem with current interface and should problem persist we're more than keen to change it or provide alternative HTML with the...
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    [Preview+Feedback] SEPTEMBER 2005 DVD and CD

    Digit September 2005 DVD Highlights //F.E.A.R. //Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 //Adobe Illustrator CS2 tryout //Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 1 //Adobe Encore DVD 1.5 //NASA World Wind //Google Earth //Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4) DIGITAL PASSION Dev Tools...
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    [By Demand] September 2005 DVD+CD

    Ok, So we have got Fedora Core 4 as promised in AUG 05 issue. I hope all you Linux people would be pleased for a while. However there was a downside to it as a lot of softwares had to be compromised for DVD because Fedora took half of the space. So anything we may have missed out on due to space...
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    [Preview+Feedback] AUGUST 2005 DVD and CD

    Digit August 2005 DVD Highlights //Fedora Core 4: 4 CD ISO's //Battlefield 2 //EA Sports Cricket 2005 //Nero ShowTime //The Bat! Professional 3.5.30 //vSkype Beta //Digit in PDF //3DMark 2005 //PCMark05 Basic 1.0.1 //3f Software Planner 2005 3.2.1 //GTA: San...
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    [By Demand] August 2005 DVD+CD

    So July issue is completed and you can check the contents details in Preview+Feedback Thread. Contents Archive is a high priority for August, We'd also try to fit in Fedora Core 4. Anything else..... :wink:
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    [Preview+Feedback] JULY 2005 DVD and CD

    Digit July DVD 2005 Highlights >WebLogic Server 9.0 Diablo Beta >AREA 51 SINGLE PLAYER 5.0 Demo >Anarchy Online Game >Juiced Street Racing Game >Adobe Photoshop CS2 Tryout >Adobe GoLive CS2 Tryout >Mozilla Firefox 1.1 Alpha 1 (Deer Park) >Dreamweaver MX 2004 >iTunes for Windows...
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    [Preview+Feedback] June 2005 Digit DVD - Anniversary Issue

    DVD Highlights 500 Freeware Including 53 FULL FREE Games - 1.7 GB Including: America's Army 2, Food Force and Hidden and Dangerous 400 MB of FREE Internet Software 450 MB of FREE Multimedia Applications 1.3 GB of FREE System Tools Over 100 FREE Linux Software...
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    [By Demand] July 2005 DVD

    Alright People, June DVD is done, start putting in your requests for the JULY ISSUE!
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    [Preview] Digit Magazine - May 2005

    Enter Celeb Geek: Kailash Kher takls about technology in his life Adobe buys Macromedia Soon, you could be printing from your TV Can India replicate the success of software in entertainment? Digital Passion Click Here To Protest It was only a matter of time before protests and...
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    [PREVIEW] MAY 2005 Digit DVD

    MAY 2005 DIGIT DVD HIGHLIGHTS GAMES > TrackMania Sunrise demo > Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude > Top Spin Demo > Rise Of Nations: Thrones & Patriot > The Bard's Tale > Dungeon Lords Demo SOFTWARE > LisnpireLive 5.0 (Linux OS) > PL/SQL Developer 5.0.1 > Visual JDevpro 1.0...
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