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  1. Angad singh

    New mobile help

    Guys my sister wanted a new phone but i am confused which one to go for what needed is 1) touch cum keypad phone 2) good sound 3) memory 4) 10k (+-2k) i have shortlisted 2 of them nokia X3 touch and type and Samsung wave 533 if u can suggest me which one is good or any other phone...
  2. Angad singh

    strange WiFi problem

    plzz anyone can help me out there is some problem with my wifi (internet) cannot open any web pages it gives an error tried 3 browsers (IE, firefox, google chrome,) same problem with oll..... but the strange thing is that bit commet is downloading .. even tried connecting my iphone to the WiFi...
  3. Angad singh

    The Official Antivirus Thread

    hey guys i have a problem there is virus in my songs folder its "MALWARE-- Droppper" its only detcted byavst and only wen i manually sacn it or copy songs to some external device and no other antivirus detects it i have also used "Spyware Doctor" "ThreaFire" "Spybot" but no luck ...
  4. Angad singh

    USB device problem

    tried it same problem tried on diffrent pc no luck will try changing the usb cable and let u know thanks
  5. Angad singh

    USB device problem

    guys whenever i connect my usb hard disk to may lappy it gives me an error that USB device not recognized one of the usb connected to this computer has malfunctioned. computer doesnot recognize this device tried removing oll usb drivers and reinstalling them again thru device manager but no...
  6. Angad singh

    infected pc with trojans

    just install spyware doctor find it on net and let it scan ur pc.... done
  7. Angad singh


    plz anyone to help me
  8. Angad singh

    VIRUS in HD

    there is no such option of "content type one by one" and abt the system its clean no virus problem is in my EXTERNAL HD wen i connect it even i dnt open it and leave it the for 5-10 min my pc shuts down
  9. Angad singh


    one more thing someone told me that u cannot install XP in preinstalled vista in HP laptops is it true
  10. Angad singh

    VIRUS in HD

    How to disable the autoplay function
  11. Angad singh

    VIRUS in HD

    guys i have got some kind of virus in my external HD whenever i plug it to my pc after sometime virus transfers to my pc and starts getting shutdown automatically.... how to remove the virus from my HD
  12. Angad singh


    Guys i wanted to buy a new laptop can u suggest me any good ones with good speed..... 2 of them in my list are 1) HP dv2701TX 2)HP dv6767TX the problem i have is about software support in vista do the softwares like Adobe photoshop CS2 and macromedia flash , dreamweaver work in vista & other...
  13. Angad singh

    Virus problem

    Guys yesterday i was surfing on net and had my external HD connected to my lappy... i opened sum site and clicked on sign up and withing 5 sec my pc got shutdown and wen i restarted, it again got shutdown withing 5 min i got my lappy fixed by using system restore... but how can i fix my HD its...
  14. Angad singh


    i am using avast only... but i have heard it dosent detect virus on autorun
  15. Angad singh


    Guys i am currently using Avast antivirus i am really happy with but having one problem is that there is some kind of virus which comes again and again thru external devices such as pen drives and HD... and my antivirus dosent detects it.. which antivirus should i use
  16. Angad singh

    Yahoo mail

    Hey guys can anyone tell me how can i close my yahoo account tried a lot but couldnt find a way... plzz help me out...
  17. Angad singh

    New Hard Disk

    Hey dude pushkaraj is right whenever u buy a new HD u have to format it .... just follow the instructions given by pushkaraj... ur HD will work...
  18. Angad singh


    Guys i have a D-Link ADSL modem.... the ethernet cable is broken so was to buy a new one... so wanted to know if there is only one type of ethernet or of different quality which affects speed
  19. Angad singh


    hmmm thanks guys for ur replies
  20. Angad singh


    ok guys can u tell me is there anyway that sum 3rd person can record ur tok on the phone using his phone or thru internet... plzz fast
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