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  1. deepak_m

    how to increase SHARED MEMORY

    i have an 845GV and i dont even have an option to change the graphics memory!
  2. deepak_m

    Orkut Communityy Serach...

    Re: Orjut Communityy Serach... orkut is still in beta. u cant expect everything to work perfectly.
  3. deepak_m

    Ram Upgrade

    if u want to upgrade to above 512MB u should upgrade the proccy as well cause otherwise u wont get any perfomance boost since the current processor is old.
  4. deepak_m

    Ram Upgrade

    u can use higher frequency chips. they will run only at 266MHz. My mobo supports only 266 whereas i have 333MHz RAM modules.
  5. deepak_m

    Protecting Files

    u can use magic folders available here but its a 30 day shareware
  6. deepak_m

    is it a virus?

    i dont get any error. my card info shows that of the 61MB available 61 is used. but i cant access any of the contents.
  7. deepak_m

    is it a virus?

    I have a nokia 6680 with a 64 mb memory card. Now i can't access the contents of the card from the phone or the pc. Is it a virus??
  8. deepak_m

    The Greatest Character In A Game Of All Time.........

    Prince of persia,gordon freeman & sam fisher
  9. deepak_m

    bios doesn't detect my combo drive

    jumper might be the problem...
  10. deepak_m

    Disabling selected Windows Services

    u can use 'hardware profiles' if u want. the services u enable/disable affect only that hardware profile.
  11. deepak_m

    Digit or Chip

    well chip has better mag content than digit but then digit has fastrack! the major cd/dvd contents are lmost the same.
  12. deepak_m

    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Re: All Graphics Cards related queries here. i have a prob with my graphics card. It displays everything correctly till the boot screen after which the monitor boes blank.But it works in safe mode.I reinstalled the drivers and even windows to no avail. help me! I have a n FX5200 on an intel...
  13. deepak_m

    firefox error

    how do i remove this error in firefox. Server Error in '' Application. Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security...
  14. deepak_m

    assigning user 2 groups in win xp

    u can type "control userpasswords2" i the run menu and select the user groups.
  15. deepak_m

    Old games(from 2002 -2004) everyone must have :?

    NFS:HP2 was CR@P
  16. deepak_m

    Graphic Issues with GTA3

    and the problem started suddenly. i didn't have it initially.
  17. deepak_m

    Graphic Issues with GTA3

    what is draw distance?where can i find it?
  18. deepak_m

    Windows XP SP3: Preview [leaked!]

    why don't they include IE7?
  19. deepak_m

    HCL & AMD unveils PC for Rs 9990

    even if the config sux atleast pc penetration will increase.
  20. deepak_m

    PUK unlock key

    u have to call the costumer care and ask 4 the code. it is the only way. Remeber that the change the puk code each time.
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