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    Lost drivers CD for my motherboard DG 965 RY

    can any provide me the drivers and softwares for LG RD6130 USB data cable
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    can my machine support graphic card?

    no i came out of he rock 3 yrs ago when i subscribed to digit. u urself are using the word HAD. They are not in production line now. Sorry to wake u up.
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    Intel Motherboard

    No it doesn't have a PCIE Clot. It has two PCI Slots. It doesn't have an AGP slot either For what price?
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
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    <a href="" title=" - Orkut Scraps Codes"><img...

    <a href="" title=" - Orkut Scraps Codes"><img src="" border="0" alt=" - Orkut Scraps Codes"></a><br><a href=""> - Orkut Scraps Codes</a>
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    Peculiar Problem in Gigabyte motherboard???

    u can't install Xp or any lower version on Vista try formatting Vista Config and reinstall Vista after installing Xp
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    can my machine support graphic card?

    No i don't think it supports PCIE. No GFX card comes in PCI Interface. Ur mobo supports AGP but they wud be too costly.
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    Help me in San Andreas

    it's the stage where you take off fromn airfield and wait for an airplane to enter San Andreas airs and chase and capture(those assassins ) before they land. amitash : It's not hw to do that i require. i want someone to complete that one for me. i can't do it.
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    Help me in San Andreas

    Guys i am stuck on the level where CJ needs to follow a plane using another plane(marcos bistro mission i think) Can ne1 help me in completing that level(just that level), plz hlp me. This is my save file :
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    MSI G31M3-F Motherboard - Only NCR

    I can't takeit from Delhi.(Uf that's what NCR means.) I am from Bhubaneswar, Orissa. I'll take it for 2200 if you ship it to me
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    PCI Graphics Card

    wud love to get a new system but my mom and dad will find out if i buy a new one. but they won;t notice if i invest in a card. since i am buying it of my own cash budget is very high. Thx neways. looks i wud hv to wait. hv a gud day btw my gmail id is u can add me...
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    PCI Graphics Card

    Thanks Thanks for replying guys. Cool g5 and din this mobo doesn't have a PCIe or AGP slot. The same mobo but a dfferent model name has an AGP and PCIe(The model is 945GCCR i think) ne wayz thx for replying. gud day.
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    PCI Graphics Card

    Hello! Everyone. My name is sworoop, am from Orissa. What i need to know is that can i get a PCI Graphics Card for my PC. My config is : 17" AOC Monitor Intel 945 GCPE Motherboard(Foxconn) 1.6 Ghz Dual Core Processor(Intel) Onboard Intel GMA 128 MB (That's the problem : Most games don't...
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