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    What to do when a mobile is stolen??

    I went to the police station, filed an FIR. Then I went to the Serveice Provider's office, blocked the sim. Then I have sent the FIR, a certificate frm the service provieder that the sim is blocked, Original Invoice, Original Insurance Cert., to the insurance company. I m keeping my...
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    What to do when a mobile is stolen??

    Hai friends, Someone from our hostel stole my mobile. What to do in such cases? I was having Nokia 3100 with 1 yr insurance. Will I be able to get the same mobile? Will the insurance company give money ? How much time it will take?? Please reply fast. Thanks
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    windows longhorn????

    Change your avatar dude. Its too large :lol: :lol:
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    Boot INI Option Reference

    Cool info man.
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    Suggestions Needed

    Is there any difference between Nokia 3100 and 3105 ?
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    Wi***w$ XP HIDDEN

    Have seen this in Magzware. You cud have given a link instead of copying and pasting.
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    Make Acrobat Reader 6 load faster

    Have seen this long ago in Tech-Arena forums. Anyway thanks for the info. I needed that.
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    Can any one show me a little fun changing IE Icon

    Frm where we can download WRG ? Please give the link .
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    Suggestions Needed

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I will either chose frm Samsung c100 or N3100. More suggestions welcome.
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    Suggestions Needed

    Hi, I wanna buy a new color mobile. Which one shud i buy ? Also how is Nokia 3100?? My budget is between 5000-6000. Reply sooon,
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    nokia cable....

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    bsnl speed up...

    How can I use firefox to increase the speed, drgrudge ??? Please reply soon,
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    task manager in win98

    Switch over to Win xp
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    Same Here. Connection is refused
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    Why no Digit yet???

    Dunno abt Kerala. But they have sent the mag to Gujarat ?
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    Digit Contest: Replace the Windows XP Logo in General tab

    I have already submitted the answer.
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    SpeedyMSN v1.4

    MSN Sucks :x :x
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    How can I install themes in XP and ...........??????????

    My 2nd probem is also solved. Thanks Everyone for your help
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    GMail Drive shell extension ( Damn Cool )

    Thans for the link m8
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    GMail Drive shell extension ( Damn Cool )

    Problems Downloading:-- Here's the message that is coming while I try to dnld that thing. Forbidden You don't have permission to access /viksoe/downloads/ on this server. Please Help. I use Firefox
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