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  1. krnm516

    Post your latest Purchase

    Gotcha DELL Studio 15 Laptop (47K) External HDD Case for 3.5" Sata HDD (600) Key Board Protector (50) USB Hub (150) and Two Alpenlibe Chocolates for 1Rupee
  2. krnm516

    EBook Reader Help buying one

    Yeah the e-book reader market is getting competitive and i too wanna buy one but, i don't think you can get any one below 5k.
  3. krnm516

    Buying new earphones for ipod touch

    Creative EP-630 are the best for their price.
  4. krnm516

    Digit TV: Feedback and Suggestions

    yeah the episode 4 is the overall the best, but, keep improving it. Great Innovative Idea
  5. krnm516

    [By Demand] Fast Track Topics

    Yeah Fast Track to GIMP would be a good idea. ++ OR Maybe Fast Track to QT using C++ would be an enhancement to the Fastback to C++
  6. krnm516

    [By Demand] March 2010

    Yeah that would be a good idea.
  7. krnm516

    Fictional (anime) characters cannot be role models ?

    I don't think that the makers of the anime characters of child like mindset, and most of the popular animes are watched my more adults, mostly Japanese Manga their most fans are adults also, and about me i like watching Naruto.
  8. krnm516

    best java based game you have played.

    Mini Ninjas is the best game i had played on my Nokia 3110c
  9. krnm516

    Ragging an Education

    I say no but some limited stuff is yes
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