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  1. itechnoholic

    New hacks in iPod

    I have a 4G iPod Nano and I am happy with it.But i want more,what things except music,movies and podcast can I do with my iPod. And where can I download free iPod games,and I heard that iPod can be hacked and made to use many things.
  2. itechnoholic

    Want to sell all Computer Parts

    This is my list: *Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz @ Rs 1800 *2 X 256MB DDR RAM 400MHz @ Rs 800 *An HP Cabinet @ Rs 300 *A TV Tuner Card(without software) @ Rs 100 *A Sound Card @ Rs 50 *A Modem Card @ Rs 70 *ATI X300 Graphics Card 128MB @ Rs 900 These are the above things I have for sell,and everything...
  3. itechnoholic

    Petition to Apple

    An online petition has been started against Apple to have price cut for its iPhone 3G in India. To support log on to ( ) Please support this petition, and spread this message among your friends.
  4. itechnoholic

    opera mini problem

    I have a Nokia 6230i which is a s40 phone.I have installed Opera ,when I try to connect to internet it shows error.Though I have all the GPRS settings and everything.I have also checked the FAQs in the Opera site,but no help. And also other third party application which tries to connect the net...
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