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    Cabinet & Power Supply in 8k

    Can someone give any reviews on the HAF 912 Combat Edition and what difference it has with the old HAF 912?
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    [Want to Buy] AM3 Processor Under 4k

    Hello, I need a Used AMD AM3 Processor, budget is 4k. Any help is appreciated.
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    How much can I sell my old stuff for?

    What is the max price I can get from my system? Thanks in Advance ! Processor - AMD Sempron 2800 + Motherboard - ASUS K8V-VM Ram - 2 x 512mb DDR HDD - Seagate 160 GB
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive announced

    Agree 100% with you.....playing 1.6 for near 4years and still playing some gathers with friend never gets old :mrgreen:
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    PC Buying Guide 2013 - Q4

    thanks a lot...helped a ton because I am planning a update to my very old amd sempron (socket 775)
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    modding my cabinet with LED strip, nice and cheap look guarenteed

    nice one dude ! will try it out
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    Bought new alienware :D

    Killer looks ! want an alienware :(
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive announced

    I have the beta of cs go in steam and its quite like CS Source but very little like CS 1.6
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    Which Rom you use?

    Download for recover can be found here with tutorial - [How To] Install Recovery and Flash Roms - ZTE Racer - ROMs & ROM customisation - MoDaCo Download for MIUI Rom which I am using can be found here - [ROM] MIUI PatchRom RC2 - ZTE Racer - ROMs & ROM customisation - MoDaCo hope that helps :)
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    Which Rom you use?

    You will have to install custom recovery, then while powering up press switch on key + volume down key - recover will open, then format everything and flash zip file (the rom). PM me for links I don't know if I am allowed to post.
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    GAMING MOUSE for under 2.6 k

    They did honor the deal..2 of my friends got for 1.1k unfortunately no one told me before buying :(
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    CM9 Help

    Hello all, I have trying to port CM9 from Dell XCD 35 (better known as ZTE Blade) to XCD 28 (better known as ZTE Racer), but the only problem i am getting is a pointer on screen and accessing menu's etc you have to move the touch and click so its real pain. Anyone else had this problem ...
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    Which Rom you use?

    I am using ZTE Racer aka Dell XCD 28 with MIUI Rom (CM7)..
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    [GUIDE][FAQ] Decrapify your Android

    Very useful guide specially because I have been thinking of making a lite rom for my phone for a long time. :lol:
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