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    About GPRS Internet Connection.

    Hi Friends, I want to know the speed of GPRS Internet Connection without EDGE. Is it managable ( 40 to 48 kbps is managable for me), just like dial-up. Because i want to use it. I have NOKIA 3100. Please Give your valuable suggestion who have used the GPRS Internet. Regards...
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    DD Direct+

    Hi... May i know currently what number of channels are provided by DD Direct+. And What r the Channels.... Regards,
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    Online Phone Directory

    Hi.. I want to know which Mobile Service Providers provides an online directory so that we can search for any mobile no or customer's name of particular mobile no. Regards, Jyotiranjan Panda
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    Hi Friends, I want to know how to disable auto insert notification(Of CD_ROM) in windows2000 & in Windows XP. Regards,
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