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    Big Apple computer for 6995/- only

    These are called gagets and not computers, they will never work in the market, low price doesnt often sell.
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    Share your Tweaking Tips here

    This tip is like a gift from heaven for me, I use note pad like anything for small notes and URLs and files. This also works this is great. Thanks
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    Can anybody suggest a good laptop below 35k in chennai

    At Dell you can customize some features, just call their toll free number. But with only 40,000 as your budget its impossible to get such a config. For about 42000 t0 45000 you can get an IBM R50e, thats all. Try calling up Dell.
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    cheapest ipod, best laptop...

    when the government imports something it has to pay in US Dollars. The government has to keep some money(dollars) to impot food grains from abroad. 10% to 18% of India's food grain requirements are meet form Imports. Then after food there are many other things it has to import, so things like...
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    cheapest ipod, best laptop...

    @ Nemesis: Taxes and duties serve lot many purposes then to combat home competition (hope this economics is clear). iPods can be termed as luxary goods and hence the high taxes on them. And regarding Laptops the market in the USA is quite different form India in the way of computing goods are...
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    cheapest ipod, best laptop...

    Why is everyone intent on ripping off the indian government, why do u people always suggest "get it form US". Let people buy form India and pay taxes and levies applicable on the product. Let some money go to the government. Taxes are not paid and then the government has no money, then you come...
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    data cable problem

    well boss it seems you have stolen the data cable!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ........
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    CHEAPEST LAPTOP with highest RAM...???

    IBM also has come out with a cheap model, and offcourse compaq is there. i suggest u to go for IBM or compaq. IBM is now linovo. go to
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    USB Fan and Tube light

    oh oh its great to blow up u r laptop. I think I will see you soon posting for a new laptop!!!!!!!!
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    where do i find the gadget prices on the web?

    go to and you can find the latest prices of almost every thing. the real price may vary in your city.
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    Block users from using their account at the same time

    sorry for replying, but boss, human mind is a free mind, when u try to restrict it or dont give it any thing it will find ways to get it, by one way or the other. dont restrict any thing internet is for the oveall good, let it be free for all........ I think u are a capitalist slave ...
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    How to import a laptop!

    the cost will be prohibitive, if u pay duties.
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    Under 30k laptop

    if u r buget is this than ok go for acer, i dont know where can an iball be sevices, first locate their service center and then buy it.
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    Strange prob: plz help

    the mobo may be factory perfect but if it is not built for something than u cant force it to do so. see some branded system with AMD sempron and see what mobo they have and the model no. and check it on the companys website.
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    Strange prob: plz help

    try using some other mother board. and see if x86 arcitecture is supported by Shempron and Asus mobo. boss read product documentations first, may have some info.
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    AMD Losing Some Metal

    good work that AMD is doing, at least the capitalists are realizing there is someting else than money and exploitations of people.
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    want to buy a laptop

    u can go for an IBM, compaq for below 60. all inclusive. compaqs have good models below 60, check out u r citys retailers what they say. also look for a 3 year warantte instead of going for features.
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Please Help: My friend has a Jaguar M270S Laptop. He needs its sound card driver, as he has lost the driver CD. Can any one tell me where can we download the audio drivers from internet. The name of the sound card may be Avance AC97, we dont know exact name.
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    Mac corner

    sorry to say, but Microsoft is way ahead, some one else in the place of Jobs could have made a differece, he runs it like a family business
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    laptops choice....

    for 36000 u can go for a compaq, and ask the dealer more about some other HP ones, the rates have come down. the compaq one i am talking about is celeron with Mandrake linux. for Acer u have to ask for a sealed box, dont take anyting else as mentioned in above posts.
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