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    Gaming PC

    You guys wanna know how the BEST gaming PC's look like? Visit:
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    Cracking Or Hacking

    hacker = smart + show off cracker = just plain smart :wink:
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    is my pc screwed or is my pc screwed

    Mine's 10A too and I think the stability is affected due to that. Are you experiencing random restarts and system freezes?
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    what language do game programmers use

    You guys remember the Doom 3 trailer? If I remember correctly John Carmack was giving his interview sitting in front of his PC monitor in which Visual C++ was running.
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    How to find the latencies of a RAM module ?

    Download and install CPU-Z. Run it and click on the "memory" tab to know the latencies:
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    How to damage a RAM module ?

    Just make sure you don't touch any other component. You don't want any fried transistors on your motherboard, do you? Detach the RAM modules and then touch it :wink:
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    HDD Badsector

    A "bad sector" usually refers to a portion of your HDD whose data can't be read because of physical damage. And FYI, hardware problems usually can't be solved by software. You can "lock" these bad sectors tho. Each HDD manufacturer has their own tools to do so. Check your HDD manufacturer's...
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    tweaking ?

    Who told you that? As long as you follow all instructions carefully and have a backup of your registry at all times, there's nothing to worry. It's neither complicated nor dangerous.
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    !!!!! Virtual Memory Query

    You're running Win XP on a system with 64Mb RAM? Dude, I suggest you switch immediately to Win 98. And for page file (virtual memory) optimizations, please visit:
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    HijackThis log file. Help required

    Paste the log in this site:
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    Ur Favourite Gamez site?? No doubt about it. It's the best out there! And it has a very good forum too.
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    40GB Hard Drive

    That's actually quite cheap for a 15,000 rpm drive. A few years ago, you would only get a 70Gb drive for that price. SCSI interface, isn't it?
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    Howz my config?

    If you're into gaming, I suggest you go for a Geforce 6600GT video card. It's the best balance of price and performance right now. The other components seem fine. Just make sure the power supply is a good one. A simple test is to take it in your hand and approximate its weight. If it's...
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    Which email client is the best???

    Been using The Bat! for quite some time now. Very good client. If you haven't tried it yet, it's about time you did.
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    Need an accurate PDF to DOC

    Here's a web page listing PDF to DOC converters:
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    Turbo CPP in WinXP

    Just type the following into Google: "tc30.exe".
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    firewall doubt

    Me too. Download it from
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    Help Me

    The heat is probably bcos of dust accumulated on the processor fan. Open your case and clean the mobo fan (if any) and processor fan. Also make sure none of your components (processor, grafix card, memory etc.) are overclocked. Check this from the BIOS.
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    Turning on DMA

    Right click My Computer -> Manage -> Device Manager -> IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers -> Secondary IDE Channel -> Advanced Settings page. From here, you can turn on DMA for CD-drives.
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    Problem in NFS Underground 2

    As far as I know, you need atleast a Geforce2-MX level card to play the game smoothly. And that too at min settings. It did run in the Intel's integrated graphics chipset acc. to my friends but the framerate was nearly zero.
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