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    HDD to external drive

    Hi, I have a 2 year old 160GB SATA Seagate 7200.10 HDD.I got a 500GB when i upgraded my PC to go along with it but now i'm thinking of using it as a external drive. What would i need to do this? If i need a casing is there one which would not require external power? Thanks
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    TV Tuner Help

    Hi, I have a beetel external TV tuner and my problem is that like with external tuners i have to connect my monitor to it in order to watch TV. But i have to disconnect my VGA cable from my PC and reconnect it to my tuner. Is there some kind of splitter or something available which can...
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    Help for Upgrade

    Hi, My nephew recently got some money to upgrade his computer after his exams and i'd like suggestions on a very tight budget upgrade of the Mobo,RAM,Proccy, and a Graphics card (Not very expensive but better than the onboard). Uses: Home uses such as web surfing, downloading, slight...
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    P4 Prescott 2.8 CPU +Mobo+ 512 MB x2 DDR2 RAM

    Hi, As i have upgraded my PC i want to sell off my old P4 along with 1 GB(512MBx2) DDR2 of RAM and its mobo. It only needs to be connected to a power supply and is in working condition. CPU: P4 Prescott 2.8 (Socket 478) Mobo: Unknown (There is a FSB problem which causes the CPU to run at 1.4...
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    DDR3 Memory

    Hi, I want to buy used 1/2 GB DDR3 RAM. I prefer sellers in Delhi. Thanks
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    Android Phone Price inquiry

    Hi, I need price updates for following Android phones.I live in Delhi. LG Optimus One (Probably get it) Samsung Galaxy S and Micromax A60 Any suggestions between 15-18k?
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    GPU advice needed

    Hi, Recently my brother got a config from his savings and he wants to get a graphics card for his PC. His configuration is: Athlon 2 X4 635 Gigabyte 880GMA Mobo 2 GB RAM But the problem is that since he had to upgrade his entire cabby from his old P3 he didn't have money for a new...
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    AMD posts better-than-expected profit

    Advanced Micro Devices Inc reported a quarterly net profit that beat Wall Street's expectations, and said it expects fourth-quarter sales to be flat compared with the third. AMD's results came two days after rival Intel's better-than-expected earnings lifted hopes for technology companies...
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    Help regarding upgrade

    Hi guys, I am wondering if someone will help me out.I'm trying to upgrade my PC.I just need a good mobo, a processor and i have from my old PC(P4 2.8) like SMPS,HDD etc. I searched around and found that instead of the intel dual core i had in mind for around Rs.5000 i could get a...
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