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  1. cool_callis

    cyberoam has blocked bittorrent.. plz help

    in my college , the administration has implemented cyberoam . due to this bittorrent has stopped working. it seems that they have purposely blocked the bittorrent .can u plz suggest some way to make torrent running again and to bypass these restrictions. it will be great help.
  2. cool_callis

    how to arrange for summer training/project?

    frndz.. as summer vreak r approaching , i m looking forward for any sort of summer project or training?? can u plz tell me how i can i arrange for summer training / project and what are the different possible sources? i m currently in 2nd year doing in computer science stream
  3. cool_callis

    good database management system (dbms) book

    guys.. suggest me a good book for subject database management system .my friends are saying book by nawathe but i am not sure how it is .? suggest me some good book also suggest me a book for mysql query
  4. cool_callis

    sites access blocked ...plz help

    i my college administration has recently blocked most of the proxy server sites,torrent sites , orkut, rapidshare etc and many more sites.. i m in a big trouble.. i have tried around dozens of proxy server sites but no one is working. tell me some good way to access the blocked sites and...
  5. cool_callis

    unlocking motorazr v3

    my cousin lives in new york. he sent me a motorazr v3 mobile phone.but it is locked for at&t network which is not available in india ... how can i unlock this phone so that i can use it on ny other network?? reply soon..
  6. cool_callis


    i want to start learning me good book for learning this language .also provide me with other information regarding learning this language and also how much time will it take to cover this language??
  7. cool_callis

    configuring counter strike to run in linux?????

    frndz i m using mandriva linux 2007.i have shifted all my work to linux.only thing for which i have to get back is to play counter strike. can u plz tell me how can i play counter strike in linux.i have heard that it is possible using wine and cedega. provide me a full guide for doing this...
  8. cool_callis

    how to view .chm extension in linux

    how can i read ebooks of chm format in linux .which software is needed for it?
  9. cool_callis

    best linux magazine????

    guys which is the best linux magazine?? i want to subcribe one such magazine but i m confused what to choose
  10. cool_callis

    proxifier and other alternative soft for linux????

    guys i use utorrent using proxifier in windows. now i m shifting to linux . what is the alternative soft of proxifier for linux. also tell me following softwares for linux 1. password manager 2. download manager 3. bookmark manager
  11. cool_callis

    which is best bookmark manager

    frndz suggest me a good bookmark manager.... i have large no of bookmarks and to organize them i need a good bookmark manager
  12. cool_callis

    dvds became unreadable

    abt two months ago i burnt some video lectures on three moser baer dvds in data format. now i need those videos but when i insert these dvds in tray of my laptop, these are not readable and my system hangs but unable to read these dvds. the data is very important to me . suggest me a way to...
  13. cool_callis

    deletion of node in threaded binary tree

    can any tell me the algorithm/code or simply explain the procedure to delete a node from right in threaded binary tree?????????
  14. cool_callis

    suggest book for css, java script and php

    frndz i want to learn css, java script and php. suggest me books for these topics and any good resources also.
  15. cool_callis

    learn debugging

    frndz i want to learn debugging for c and c++ using gdb debugger . can u suggest me how can i learn debuggin?
  16. cool_callis

    good c/c++ programming questions

    frndz can u tell me from where can i get good c/c++ programming questions objective type and other. suggest me some book or website for such good practice questions.
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