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    youtube problem

    Hi folks, We get to see so many videos on youtube. However, they dont allow us to save them. Previously I could do it by getting the files in the temporary folder, but lately they have become smart and it does not land there. Does anybody know how to save the videos that we watch on...
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    Just got my Nokia N95 !

    Hi folks, I just got my Nokia N95 Mobile and I tell you its a beauty. I wanted to know if I can install smart Movie in N95 ? I have the SmartMovie_S60_lcg.sis file and the following file - Codec_Xvid_S60.sis files with me. Will these two files be enough to install it ? In which folder...
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    N95 or SE W960i or E90 ?

    Hi folks, I have a friend coming in from south korea next week. He can bring me a mobile from there. Please advise, which mobile to buy - the N95, The SE W960i or the E90 and why ? please help me folks. thanks lovemeall26 Oh I forgot to add the Blackberry pearl or the blackberry curve.
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    Will i-phone work in India?

    Hi folks, I have a friend coming into India from south korea next week. I had requested him to bring an i-phone for me. But I am doubtful if it will work in India.We are hearing stories about it working only in certain places in the US. Please advise me about it. Is it more better to go in for a...
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    Internet Explorer 6.0 Problem- Plz Help !!!

    Hello countrymen, I have a strange problem. I am using Windows ME with Internet explorer 6.0 with all its updates on a three year old computer. However,upon opening a second browser, the first browser goes to the address of the second browser opened and the contents of the first browser is...
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    i-pod videos related problem-plz help !

    Hi folks, recently got hold of i-pod 30gb. all's fine. but while using i-tunes to convert and upload 40mb mpeg music videos into the i-pod, it does upload fine, but without any audio. Then I tried uploading 3gp videos through i-tunes which also worked with audio,but the video quality...
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    HI everyone, Could anyone please tell me where can I download the new cs-source from. Do I need to have counter strike condition zero first on my system to be able to play the new source, or do I need to have the steam client first. Please guide me as you all have always...
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    Hi friends, I desperately need to know weather the GEFORCE4 Ti 4600 is better or is the GEFORCE4 5600 better in performance and price. I have a AMD ATHLEON 2400XP PROCESSOR WITH 256 DDR AND AN MSI MB WITH 32 MB ONBOARD VRAM. WHICH OF THESE TWO CARDS WILL BE BETTER SEEING THE FUTURE OF ONCOMING...
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