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    Urgent cooling pad needed for lenovo z580

    Hi guys, need a cooling pad for my laptop, please advice me one, budget around 1000 bucks..
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    New Phone Suggestion

    I am planning to buy a phone, have shortlisted Nokia 620 and Galaxy Grand. ADVICE NEEDED!!
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    laptop graphics

    i have the lenovo Z580 with intel hd 4000 and nvidia 635 1GB, when i installed hawx2 it said that my graphics werent enough and since its not running the game even.. how do i change the intel graphics to nvidia?? and if any other suggestion....
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    New Win8 Laptop kaa confusion

    okay, so i have bought this lenovoZ580, 4GB, i3 3rd gen, nvidia 635 1GB, 1TB. The problem arises with win8 (in-built), and i dont know anything about it.. apart from this mega irritating problem, the sales guy also told me to back up the windows8 and that it would take up 32GB so i should do it...
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    NEW laptop under 45k

    looking for a laptop under 45k no brand preferences as of such, but yes the laptop should be able to run atleast the next 3 years. was looking at the HP quad core A10 and Samsung quad core A8 before posting this.
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    Low budget Cooling solutions

    I have a Frontech Clone cabinet, recently i found out my 9600GT reaching temperatures of over 85C under load and idling at 75C. A friend advised me to get a 120mm fan and attach it to my cabinet. How, where (side/back) should i attach the fan? Will i get significant reduction in temperature?
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