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  1. arun77574

    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    Hey guys I've been waiting a long time for the Cooler Master Elite 334 Cabinet to hit the indian market and finally the day has come. As far from what i have enquired in the market this cabi costs 2.9k which is almost 1k more than the other Elite cabi's. And in the following link...
  2. arun77574

    Need to know about Wifi access point

    I'm sorry., i did not have a chance to work with them practically. So don't know about connecting the access point to wireless router. But ofcourse i know how its done with wired stuff.
  3. arun77574

    Files locked in Hp_Recovery partition

    Try Finding the file in Command Prompt by specifying the file location. And then copy and paste it else where from recovery partiton using appropriate commands.
  4. arun77574

    ntfs conversion?

    You can convert a FAT32 partition to NTFS without formatting but, no way from NTFS to FAT32 without formatting. Partition coversion is only forward compatible and not backward compatible. Besides why do u wish to go for FAT32? NTFS is far far better than it. Its more secured and fast...
  5. arun77574

    Need to know about Wifi access point

    I'm not really good at networking but, i know something. Now u've got a switch and a router. You should connect your PC's with the switch and the switch to the router. Then configure your router i.e., give it an ip address and enable its ports. Then configure the switch by giving it an ip and...
  6. arun77574

    my system is dead slow being the latest hardwares

    First and foremost thing, Your PSU (SMPS) rating should be atleast 500w to be on a safer side. (My suggestion) Install a gfx card if its asking for a 3D accelerator. The 945 chipset does not support all new games or any new games for that matter. Do not keep too much startup items. Disable...
  7. arun77574

    Can this be true ?????

    Thats impossible. May be its a used peice....
  8. arun77574

    Any way to get em back

    I dont think deleted data from a flash memory could be recovered., your only choice is to try recovering from HDD but, if the previous memory location of the data is overwritten by something then you cannot get it back completely. It would be either fragmented or will be in a non accesable format.
  9. arun77574

    hide folders not visible????

    Smile said: Usually any manual modifications in widows registry takes effect only after a proper reboot. So restart your computer and try that step once again. Besides check this site too., it has got fixes for almost all faults that occur in windows...
  10. arun77574

    Virus Found: Cant delete it.

    I use KAV 6 and it detects the same Autorun.inf virus whenever i plug in my frnds pendrive., he does not have a net connection and thats a different story. "KAV6" will defeniately remove it 100%. Why KAV6?... Because its size is only 19.5mb, its very light and does not consume much of your...
  11. arun77574

    Will my motherboard support GeForce 8600GT

    I'm sorry guys for not answering your questions for a long time. here is the link which shows what my mobo has got in it. And here is the link which says what...
  12. arun77574

    Will my motherboard support GeForce 8600GT

    yes my mobo has a PCI-e slot. i'm already having a Geforce 6200 Turbocache card in it. it also has an AGP slot and a G.E.A.R slot
  13. arun77574

    Will my motherboard support GeForce 8600GT

    Hi guys, I have a Gigabyte 81915ME GL motherboard, Intel Pentium4-3.00Ghz processor and 1GB DDR ram. I've planned to purchase a new gfx card for my PC and i'm not able to find out if my motherboard would support the gfx card i've planned to buy. Could someone guide me through this. Im planning...
  14. arun77574

    Cant hear windows starting and logon/off sounds

    I have this strange problem for the past few months. i cant hear windows Start and exit sound, windows logon and logoff sound. All other system sounds are audible. However, when i tried to play the above mentioned sounds in the Sounds and Audio Device Properties they were audible. could there be...
  15. arun77574

    Long time delay when windows is shutting down

    Thanks a lot guys. the issues resolved. the problem was caused by the drivers of my recently added hardware.
  16. arun77574

    strange problems

    Hey First of all are you using a standard UPS that still works in good condition? because if your UPS fails then your RAM, HDD, Motherboard will fail eventually. If your PC reboots automatically so often then it means your RAM is partially working and is gonna blow of any moment. you have to...
  17. arun77574

    Can't install or run some softwares. Strange problem...

    i have a suggestion. create a new user account, your issue WILL be resolved. or try to get familiar with the frequently running background process in your task manager. if you find something different then its a virus. the SVCHOST.EXE in task manager is a system file which makes the CPU usage...
  18. arun77574

    Deleted boot.ini

    Do the repair installation. All missing files will be automatically restored without any data loss. Since you have dual OS istalled you'll have to do it twice with the respective Setup discs, i mean the Xp and Xp pro 64-bit.
  19. arun77574

    Long time delay when windows is shutting down

    Whenever i try to shut down my system it pauses at the "WINDOWS IS SHUTTING DOWN" screen. after this i'm left with no choice but to turn the power button off directly. can someone pls explain me about this issue and how to troubleshoot it. Usually my system boots up and shows the desktop with...
  20. arun77574

    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    PRICELIST... i jus have only one word for you. WoW!!!
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