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    Help with outlook

    Hi evry1, i have windows xp professional. i need to format my hard disk and reinstall the os due to virus issues. but there is a problem: i need to have my user accounts intact. this is because i have configured outlook for pop3 in my user account. if the user account does not remain...
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    Traffic flow on dial up

    When a dial up is connected, two computers show up at the right corner of the taskbar. One of them denotes the traffic received and the other, the traffic sent. After some time on a dial up, i've noticed that even though the connection has not been terminated,and though u've not stopped...
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    Check out the new Sony PSP released in US

    Hey guys check out the new Sony PSP entertainment center. Its a complete entertainment centre on which u can view pics, hear music, play games and a whole lot of other stuff. I talked to friend of mine in US who bought one and he says that the PSP scans ur locality for other PSP users playing...
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