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  1. MegaD3th3K

    Which TV TUNER should i buy- URGENT!!!

    Hi, This is rather urgent and i will be grateful if you could give your suggestions (fast!). My budget is 3.5K. I want best video capture WITH hardware mpeg-2 encoder. i dont care if there is no remote or bundled software. i was thinking of getting something like, i) ATI TV WONDER ELITE -...
  2. MegaD3th3K

    DVD drive not detecting DVD

    i have a SONY DVD RW DW-Q120A. (1) i recently got a few ps2 dvds. thot i'd play them using an emu. but none of them are getting detected though one of them showed up in nero as 4XXX mb. i had a samsung combo-drive (dunno model) too. all of 'em got detected in that. i used Nero info-tool and...
  3. MegaD3th3K

    A 4.1 GHz Dual-Core at Rs 7K

    Okay, this is an Intel Pentium D 805 @ 2.66 GHz overclocked to 4.1 GHz. But it beat a Pentium EE 965, Athlon 64 FX-60, Athlon X2 4800+, etc... click here for more info
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