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  1. qarch

    [By Demand] March 2010

    NVIDIA Forceware for win 7
  2. qarch

    [By Demand] December 2009

    I fully support Revolution's demand.
  3. qarch

    By Demand [Nov 2009]

    Microsoft Zune 4.0 please.
  4. qarch

    AMD and NVIDIA

    A graphics card has nothing to do with whether the mobo supports AMD or intel chip. Make sure the mobo has the correct slot for the graphics card in question.
  5. qarch

    [Update] PS3 Slim estimated launch dates, price for India; 80GB PS3 to be phased out

    Re: [Exclusive] PS3 Slim estimated launch dates, price for India; 80GB PS3 to be phas Those strange characters at start of 2nd sentence, is it my computer or is it vBulletin? I have seen similar things at other threads. It seems single /double quotes / apostrophes are not being rendered...
  6. qarch

    Fun with Photo Editing

    I think PaiGirish is on the look-out for a better hair-styling software than "DIGTIAL MAKEUP" and not general graphics editing/manipulation software. I don't know how simple or extensive "DIGTIAL MAKEUP" was, but here are some suggestions-- 1. Try "HairProLight". Download from...
  7. qarch

    By Demand [Nov 2009]

    I have noticed that most free large games of FPS, strategy, MMORPG, etc genre are basically multi-player games to be used in a networked environment or the internet and that these free games are basically the clients. I would like to see a free large game which is single-player FPS / strategy...
  8. qarch

    By Demand [Nov 2009]

    1. iTunes9 2. iPod tut. (Just can't seem to get the pictures working.) 3. I would like a good free game level editor which I could use mainly for architectural building / landscape presentation, you know, one where I could go down in detail to at least about 1 cm, huge poly-counts, etc. Quake...
  9. qarch

    To buy Windows 7 or not?

    From what I've seen and heard, win7 will be a sure buy for me. Wonder if they will have a XP to win7 upgrade or I'll have to make a fresh install over XP?
  10. qarch

    Fast Track 2.0?

    Considering the cost factor for the publisher and the need to keep the price of the mag in check, I selected the second option "A little colour and better paper would go a long way." I would like to have them in my library as a sort of referral material. It is too good to be a 'read once then...
  11. qarch

    Wanted: RSS-like feed for my webpage using a script

    I am open to all suggestions which fit my "minimal" req. including wordpress blogs. php, mySQL are supported as also asp. Must be a windows server! Pl go ahead.
  12. qarch

    Wanted: RSS-like feed for my webpage using a script

    Hi. No offense taken. It is just that there is no word from anyone that there will be a minimal maintenance required, as near as I have outlined. I have read about RSS and have found that besides generating content, some extra work is also required to generate/update the feeds which is a no-no...
  13. qarch

    Wanted: RSS-like feed for my webpage using a script

    Hi every one, sorry for the long absence. Lots of reasons .... To Zeeshan, the site is Very bland and static. I am not the webmaster and both of us are not techies. To Rohan, the demo looks exactly like what I want, but to be integrated into a right-hand column of the main...
  14. qarch

    Wanted: RSS-like feed for my webpage using a script

    Hi guys, thanks for all the suggestions. However one main point is being missed. Due to a lack of a techie, we cannot have RSS or cms or a blogware. Too much coding, programming and maintenance involved. Let me please rephrase what I wanted. There will be this "news" directory which will...
  15. qarch

    Wanted: RSS-like feed for my webpage using a script

    To Shenoy, Thanks, you have got my requirements nearly correct. I want the column on my main page to contain only the headlines (updated automatically by the script whenever visited) not the whole news. When the headline is clicked it will take the visitor to another page which will show the...
  16. qarch

    Wanted: RSS-like feed for my webpage using a script

    We are a small organisation and would like to add a small internal news section with headlines somewhere on the main page. There are two reasons we don't want to use RSS. Firstly, the audience for the news will be mainly for internal consumption and doesn't warrant use of RSS. Secondly, I have...
  17. qarch

    [By Demand] Digit December 2007 Special Issue

    Is this thread still open? If so, some months back you gave WAMP5. How about WOS portable from chsoftware?
  18. qarch

    MM Keyboard Help

    Hi guys, I recently bought a frontech mm keyboard. I use winXP. The keyboard works fine. The mm part does not. I tried installing the driver it came with. However the setup exits stating that mm keyboard is supported by winxp. I searched winxp add-remove windows components but nowhere did I find...
  19. qarch

    Issues Related To DVD Movies???

    Hi every one. I had this dvd movie I borrowed from a friend. I liked the movie very much. However due to lack of a ripper, I could not rip it - I just copied all the files to my hard drive (not very bright but there it was). Any suggestions from anyone how I can reassemble the movie? I still...
  20. qarch

    Converting from USB 1.1 to 2.0

    janitha - When I connect a USB2 HDD to my PC I get transfer speeds in excess of 8 MBps (not to be confused with Mbps) which is not possible in a USB1.1 device where the max transfer speed will be theoretically ~1.1 MBps (or 12 Mbps). Theoretical maximums are impossible to achieve in the real...
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