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  1. rohit_bawa

    Which Phone..... confused

    Hi everybody, I want a Quad-band phone (coz i am going outside india) which should be all rounder in music and imaging, my budget is around 14k, my personal take is on N73, N80 or Nokia 5700, please suggest which is better. And any idea of price drop!
  2. rohit_bawa

    Urgent help me recover this file

    Hi everyone, I was loading a file (2 GB+) from internet using opera, the download was completed about 80 % which took me about 5 nights, with the worst click of my life i replaced that file with another file by mistake. is there any way i can recover that file in the same old state with 80 %...
  3. rohit_bawa

    Prints without permission

    I have HP all in one c3188 everytime i start printer it starts printing a page with lots lines and other text i thinks its a calibration page. But its just wasting time and ink, because everytime i have to cancel the print. Please tell me is there any solution to this problem
  4. rohit_bawa

    Hot Or Not

    Hi everyone, Yestday i opened Speed fan after a long time, So just see the reading: CPU 48C - 50C HD 45C - 49C Case 49C - 59C CPU Fan (rpm): 8700 - 9500 (Max rpm of a F1 car is 18000 to 20000 mine will be matching in the middle of the summer its just beggining of summers) I was...
  5. rohit_bawa


    Can i overclock my cpu with this conf. CPU: Genuine Intel Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz Mothboard: Mercury Intel(R) pi845GLM If i can, then how (safely).
  6. rohit_bawa

    Task Manager not working

    Hi, when i start my pc after start a box appear Saying "B.exe has encountered a problem and need to be closed" After this when i press ctrl+alt+del Task Manager does not appear and when ever i write any command in "Run" like "regedit" and when i press OK a dialog appear "Another program...
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