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    i want to buy a webpace and a domain , can anyone suggest me good hosting companies

    Re: i want to buy a webpace and a domain , can anyone suggest me good hosting compani i use ix web hosting for almost a year now and I would definitely recommend them. They got good and affordable hosting packages and 24 - 7 support.
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    Best To Wait For 3D TV?

    I reckon that you would have to wait longer if you are eyeing for a really functional 3d tv without the use of any third party hardware. The screens we now have are still far from being fully functional ones. Most just rely on an expensive 3d-glasses to give the third dimension effect. I am...
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    internet trouble with my hp mini

    If your laptop has a pcmcia slot, then there would not be any trouble. You just have to buy a card that would translate for a lan card. Then you will be able to plug-in a lan cable with an rj-45 on the end. But if you trust your service provider, you could get a broadband modem. This ones...
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    Firefox 4 Final Available Now

    I have been using firefox for quite a while now and i have been pretty disappointed on how things are turning out. It all started with that plug-in container they incorporated on the latter releases of version 3. It was a good idea to be able to save your session even if plug-ins crash but it...
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    How do I upgrade my laptop to increase the internet speed?

    May i ask, on what web sites do the slowdown occur? I am thinking it could be because of your laptop's hardware. I can say this because even though it is dependent on the internet connection's speed, you could be running on plug-ins for example on a flash player. A concrete example would be a...
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    To know your facebook visitors

    i would agree that there are no ways to know who visited your page. Please do not fall for those links that promise to let you know who visited your profile when you visit them. If you do not have a proper internet security, this could bring you to serious trouble as this links usually messes...
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