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  1. MegaD3th3K

    Solve It If U can.......

    Ok d00d, since ur saying that u have tried everything, I'm going to tell u a way which i don't think you wud have tried. Now, i know it is going to sound a bit stupid but try it and tell me what happens. Navigate to the folder where the songs are stored using any other file explorer other than...
  2. MegaD3th3K

    Which TV TUNER should i buy- URGENT!!!

    Thnx a ton. the video was rather good. People who have bought the ATI TV Wonder Elite tell me that you cant tell the difference between a (original) DVD movie and the recorded video. Also the card supports PAL and it is available for as low as $72 (excluding shipping). Then why the XXXX am i...
  3. MegaD3th3K

    Which TV TUNER should i buy- URGENT!!!

    thnx Ramstrong, but is the capture quality really very good? bcz digit and other magazines rank these cards taking into account all of its features (remote, fm tuner, bundled software, etc) but i am interested only in the capture quality. I want it to be as clear as possible in that budget...
  4. MegaD3th3K

    Which TV TUNER should i buy- URGENT!!!

    Hi, This is rather urgent and i will be grateful if you could give your suggestions (fast!). My budget is 3.5K. I want best video capture WITH hardware mpeg-2 encoder. i dont care if there is no remote or bundled software. i was thinking of getting something like, i) ATI TV WONDER ELITE -...
  5. MegaD3th3K

    if U are given a job of Game development

    @tarey_g: d00d, dont go all technical on us!!!
  6. MegaD3th3K

    if U are given a job of Game development

    i guess i wud make something like GTA (just the world roaming stuff, no gangsta missions). i always wanted to make a Swat Katz game. sadly, i dont hav the I (in AI) to do it.
  7. MegaD3th3K

    how to decompile digit cd's index.exe?

    web_stalker, yeah, ur right. index.exe is not made in flash. it is somethng else. but it extracts the .swf (index.swf) to ur Temp\{XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX} folder. the X's may be nethng. just go to ur temp folder. ull kno wat to do. u can decompile this swf with Eltima !!! ps:the...
  8. MegaD3th3K

    microphone prob

    i dont think mics get detected. make sure it is not muted.
  9. MegaD3th3K

    how to decompile digit cd's index.exe?

    no, i dont think u got me. use this app "SWF decompiler". IT WORKS! even converts EXE to FLA go here:
  10. MegaD3th3K

    Virus threat

    press F8 while starting ur pc and select "disable automatic reboot on system failure" or something like tht. now ur pc wont restart. post the error msg tht appears, here so tht someone can help u.
  11. MegaD3th3K

    IP address of Yahoo chat users

    i used process explorer while chatting. saw a few IP's in the TCP/IP tab. can anyone tell me what those are.
  12. MegaD3th3K

    DVD Riping

    i still didnt get this month's digit. plz tell me how u did it?
  13. MegaD3th3K

    Feedbak abt IPOD required........

    @akuCRACKER: tell me ur experience with the 800 rupee IPOD, if u decide to buy. btw, can we even get 1gb pendrives for 800?
  14. MegaD3th3K

    How to change Windows XP edition

    use regedit goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion and change whatever u want. shud work acc to me!
  15. MegaD3th3K

    xp a pirate

    @aravind_n20 n MysticHalo: non of tht came for me. but still of no use for me. my pc restarted after 30 secs (i hav a geforce2).
  16. MegaD3th3K

    hdd doubt...

    wat is SATA, PATA, ATA?
  17. MegaD3th3K

    How to record a gameplay

    i use WINDOWS MEDIA ENCODER 9 available from (sorry d00d, no direct link). size is around 10mb. WMV encoding is slow. since u r playin games like HL2 & DOOM 3, i guess u hav a reasonably good config. so there shud be no prob for u. Im sure there r tons of other appz for screen...
  18. MegaD3th3K

    Serius problem with my screen. Can u tell it s/w or hard ware problem .

    @a few guys askin for screenshots:
  19. MegaD3th3K

    how to decompile digit cd's index.exe?

    u can u SWF decompiler to decompile it. shud work according to me. but you need to have flash (NOT THE PLAYER) to edit the .fla file. i dont know if this is legal. but since u dont care, happy decompiling! or use magnifier!
  20. MegaD3th3K

    Do you use Piratebay?

    @gary4gar n dIgItaL_BrAt:Reliance - freeeeedom @ night @ Rs400/month 10:00 pm - 6:00 am free usage. use at some other time and u'd be payin thru ur a$$
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