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  1. arun77574

    Will my motherboard support GeForce 8600GT

    Hi guys, I have a Gigabyte 81915ME GL motherboard, Intel Pentium4-3.00Ghz processor and 1GB DDR ram. I've planned to purchase a new gfx card for my PC and i'm not able to find out if my motherboard would support the gfx card i've planned to buy. Could someone guide me through this. Im planning...
  2. arun77574

    Cant hear windows starting and logon/off sounds

    I have this strange problem for the past few months. i cant hear windows Start and exit sound, windows logon and logoff sound. All other system sounds are audible. However, when i tried to play the above mentioned sounds in the Sounds and Audio Device Properties they were audible. could there be...
  3. arun77574

    Long time delay when windows is shutting down

    Whenever i try to shut down my system it pauses at the "WINDOWS IS SHUTTING DOWN" screen. after this i'm left with no choice but to turn the power button off directly. can someone pls explain me about this issue and how to troubleshoot it. Usually my system boots up and shows the desktop with...
  4. arun77574

    Strange Noise From Speaker

    Hi all... i have a Creative 2.1 SBS speaker. the problem is i hear a very strange mirror cracking noise from my speaker when ever i try to raise the volume from the volume contoller provided with the speaker. the frequency of the noise keeps on raising once i start hearing it without any...
  5. arun77574

    Memory Lock

    i have a 8i915ME-GL gigabyte motherboard. i recently updated the BIOS from version F3 to F6. since that time i'm not able to properly quit any games. even if it is the graphics excellent NFS-Most Wanted or the simple DX-Ball game, when i try to quit the game, the screen goes blank with only the...
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