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    PC config around 80K

    Hi, 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Puose is for code development and playing games like...
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    2 PC configs for around 50-60k and 70-80k

    Hi, I need 2 PC configs for around 50-60k and 70-80k. First (50-60K) requirements: 1. CPU - for gaming, INTEL 2. MOBO - Suggest a good z77 one with is futureproof like maybe asus ASUS P8Z77-V 3. FAST RAM, which budget permits. 4. GPU - suggest 5. HDD - >= 1TB 6. SSD - only if budget...
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    Trouble upgrading firmware of MOSER BAER DH-20A3S DVD Drive

    Hi, I wanted to know how to upgrade the firmware of my Moserbaer DH-20A3S DVD Drive. Current firmware is 9M73. I Need to upgrade it but cant do with firmware provided at website : 9P58_20A3S. KINDLY TELL ME HOW TO UPGRADE MY FIRMWARE. THE ERROR IS No matched drive detected! This...
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    Please Suggest Motherboard etc.

    hi guys i plan to assemble pc but i'm a bit confused.kindly help me im choosing configuration.also please mention prices. 1. I need a motherboard which is around 5k but a good performer. 2. Processor E8400 or Q9300. 3. 2 gb ram 800 mhz. 4. 8800gt or 9600gt (please suggest less expensive...
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    Urgent Help Needed For Recovering Lost Data

    Hi, I mistakely formatted a hard disk which contained some important pictures. It was divided into two partitions: C => 10gb and D => 60 gb. The pictures were in D. But to install Vista i repartitioned drive C to 20gb and rest of space to D drive. NOW is there any way by which i can...
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    Which is better AMD 690g based Mobo or nvdia 430

    HI, i plan to buy a system based on one of these chipsets. now all i want to know which one to buy... i think since x1250 is better than 6150 so i preffered 690g based mobo. i finalised on asus m2a-vm...but i saw some benchmarks on net and they conclude that other than gaming overall both...
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    Suggestion for system configuration

    i have decided to go for following configuration..prices at which i m getting i've written: processor intel x6750 rs.8000 mobo xfx 650i ultra rs.4900 ram 2*1gb 667mhz transcend rs.950*2...
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    Tv Tuner problem techcom internal ssd-tv 670plus

    i bought this card 2-3 months ago...then i had xp. i installed drivers maually and it worked. now i have vista and the drivers given with card get installed, the problem is that there is no sound. the channels are displaying but without any sound.. also windows detect it as flytv prime...
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    What is THE BEST configuration under 40k?

    ok can 8800gt fit in 40,000rs.
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    What is THE BEST configuration under 40k?

    but what are the advantages and disadvantages of going for Quad core..Q6600...
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    What is THE BEST configuration under 40k?

    Hi, here is my budget for various components. I need help on what could be the best configuration for below mentioned range for various components. processor - 10000 motherboard - 5000 graphics - 10000 ram(2 gb) - 2500 hdd - 4000 monitor - 5000...
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    Connecting two computers using ethernet cards and switch

    Hi. I recently connected my computer to a broadband connection and recently my friend also got a computer. now the problem is the broadband connection can't be shared using a switch. a router is required.But i want to share it using switch only. i also bought a new network card and tried to...
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    Hi, i bought a tv tuner from techcom SSD 670plus moder.2 days ago.but am facing some problems. 1. Windows detect it as fly tv prime 30. 2. The software provided with it tvr is giving problems.after install it opens at startup and then closes and then again restarts and closes and so on...
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    NFS black edition files...

    I came to know that i can change my money bounty the game by using those black edition files...but where do i find them...
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    PASSWORD problem in counter strike

    We play in a cybercafe........if you know please tell me the method
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    PASSWORD problem in counter strike

    HI, Can anyone please tell me how to create a lan server with password and command which allows others to connect to my server...i need this because we are a group of friend playing and we don't want others to interfere in a shop......please help.
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    Linux booting problem

    Hi, i had windows home edition on my drive c and drive d as empty fat32 partition. And then i installed fedora core 4 on my system. then i installed windows xp professional on drive d. but the problem was that fedora core just didn't boot. the boot loader just didn't show up. fedora wasn't...
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    plzz help PC config!!!!!

    it won't be worth even if you are able to biy a pc around 18k. you want to play new games then you just can't on such pc. make your budget around 35k for a decent pc. for good one 45-50k.
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    How to remove Bad Sector

    bad sectors can't be removed dear but yes you may block any data going into them, so that the virtually remain unsed. there are many such softwares available..
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