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    What to do when a mobile is stolen??

    Hai friends, Someone from our hostel stole my mobile. What to do in such cases? I was having Nokia 3100 with 1 yr insurance. Will I be able to get the same mobile? Will the insurance company give money ? How much time it will take?? Please reply fast. Thanks
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    Suggestions Needed

    Hi, I wanna buy a new color mobile. Which one shud i buy ? Also how is Nokia 3100?? My budget is between 5000-6000. Reply sooon,
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    How can I install themes in XP and ...........??????????

    Hi Guys, Please tell me how 2 install themes in WIN XP Prof. I want to install themes from the July 04 playware cd. But I don't know how 2 do it. Also whenever I insert digit or chip cd's in my cd-rom drive, they don't autoplay. I have to manually start them. Previously this...
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    Can't see Task Manager fully. Please help..??

    Hi Guys, Whenever I open Task Manager, only the processes are seen. I can't see the menu and anything . Here is the Task Manager:- Please help and thanks in advance.
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    DATA CABLE is not detected by Oxygen. Please Help........???

    I brought a USB DATA CABLE for Nokia 1100 from Piyush. ( IND Cables ) I installed the drivers and everything and conncted the Cable 2 my mobile. But Oxygen Phone Manager is not detecting the phone. The Cable is installed at COM 4 port. In Oxygen , when I go to...
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    How can I make a new Forum?

    Guys, I want to make a forum ? How can I make it ? What r the steps involved? Is it very hard? Please reply soon and thanks
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    Windows Takes Ages To Load. Please Help..??

    Hi Guys, Again I m faced with a problem. When I start windows xp, it takes ages to start. For 2-3 minutes, it stops at the "WINDOWS IS STARTING UP" screen and then it askes for the password and then only it starts. Previously this problem was not there. It started today only...
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    Is there Any Way I can....???

    Hi Guys, Is there any way I can put my name "Zeeshan" instead of "start" in the start menu. Please tell soon. Thanks in advance
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    Where can I get Mono Tones in Keypress Format??

    Hi Guys, Please suggest some sites from where I can get latest as well as old tones in Keypress format. Thankx in advance
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    How can I make these 2 programs in C ??

    Hi Guys, I want 2 make 2 programs in "C" which displays numbers as shown below. 1 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 ------------------------------------------------- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 --------------------------------------------------...
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    How can I make a new partition??

    Guys, I have a 40GB hdd. Presently I have 2 partitions. I want to make on more partition without data loss and all. How can I make a new partition? Also on more thing, does making new partitions slows down the system during startup ? Reply soon and Thanks
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    How can I set automatic reply in Hotmail & Yahoo??

    I have a hotmail and yahoo account resp. For the last 1 week, I have been using GMail which I liked very much. But all my frnds and relatives know my hotmail or yahoo id. I want that whenever someone mails on Hot or Yahoo, an automatic mail is sent to him telling that the e-mail id is...
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    Please help regarding Mozilla Firefox

    After reading the Tips & Tricks section on Mozilla Firefox, I tried to tweak Mozilla but after that Mozilla refuses to start. When I click on the icon 2 start Mozilla, a windows pops-up and the following is written:- <window id="main-window" ^ I can't understand. I even tried...
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    Wanted Data Cable for Nokia 1100

    I want a DATA CABLE for my Nokia 1100 as soon as possible. Please contact me at the earliest at or pm
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    Norton AntiVirus Update Error

    While downloading updates for NAV Prof 2004 , I get the following errors:- 1) While downloading update for Common Client Core, the following error comes:- The update was not completed successfully. Press the DETAILS button for more inf:- When I press the DETAILS button, the...
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