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  1. varkey

    [For Sale] Seagate GoFlex NAS - Low Cost 24/7 Downloader - Fully Configured & Ready to Use

    Product Name: Seagate GoFlex NAS - Low Cost 24/7 Downloader Expected Price: Rs 3000 + shipping Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: GoFlex Home | Seagate Seagate GoFlex Home | Arch Linux ARM Description: This is basically a Pogoplug / Dockstar / GoFlex Net and can be used as a low...
  2. varkey

    Are these temps normal???

    hi are these idle temps normal. do i hae to install extra fans? currently i have the intel stock HSF and no other cooling fans for the cabinet.
  3. varkey

    GeForce FX5200 - 128MB AGP Card for sale!

    i have the same card. how much are u guys willing to pay for it. its 1 year old.
  4. varkey

    Quick or Thorough Format - New HDD

    i bought a 320GB SATA II Seagate HDD. There is a wierd sound when its been accessed. Its very irritating. When I installed windows i chose the quick format option. was this a problem. I did a spped test using HDD Tach and the results were matching with the result i found in a review of the...
  5. varkey

    How much will this C2D system cost??

    I have decided to purchase a Core 2 Duo based machine. Here are the specs Intel E6300 Intel DG965RY M/B 250 or 300 GB SATA 1x1 GB DDR2 667 MHz RAM - will upgrade to 2 GB later Samsung 17" LCD 740N - Is this good enuf?? for browsing, watching movies, casual gaming 400 PSU - Please recommend a...
  6. varkey

    Motorola Surfboard SB420 Cable Modem?

    I am looking for a secondhand or new Motorola Surfboard SB4200 Cable Modem. If anyone of you are trying to seel this product please reply with your price and location.
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