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    Ragnarok Online 2

    Anyone playing Ragnarok and if yes what is ur char name? Lets catch up in-game.
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    Playing Ragnarok Online 2 for the past 2 weeks now. Have made a 31 Lvl warrior and a 27 Lvl Sorceror.
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    Finished Devil May Cry...Defeated collecting the keys and doors. Started DOOM 3 Started The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Want to play Fable 3
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    Is new PSU required?

    Thanks for your replies. I will install the fan and see... Maybe next month or so will buy a new PSU.
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    Is new PSU required?

    The Stock PSU is having 450W supply. I do not want to buy a new PSU at this moment. I have bought a 80mm dia cabinet fan but wondering if the stock PSU can take the additional load?
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    Is new PSU required?

    Cabinet : Intex Supernova Processor : AMD FX 6100 Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 RAM : Transcend DDR3 4 GB X 1 Internal Hard Drive : WD 500 GB + Seagate 160 GB Graphic Card : Sapphire HD 5450 DVD Writer : LG I want to add a new cabinet fan, do I need to replace the stock PSU?
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    The SHOWOFF Thread

    The Logitech Mouse looks in a different league than the Microsoft one
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    Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!

    Upgraded my PC. Started playing DMC 3. Have lined up Fable 3, Elder Scrolls Oblivion after that
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    why u like firefox

    feels more friendly to use.......and i dont like IE
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    Game You are Currently Addicted to

    I am playing Ragnarok Online for the past 2-3 years.......i guess i m addicted to it
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    [By Demand] December 2009

    Please include Fedora 11 ISO
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    Windows 7 Retail india

    people were hoping the same for keeps milking us
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    Windows 7 Retail india

    is windows 7 worth buying.....i feel stick to XP
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