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    buying advice for a pc

    i thought of buying a pc with following config....i will be using the pc mostly for playing pc games guys help me if there must be any changes in config or any additional components like cooling arrangement etc...... intel i-5 2500k asus motherboard(in price range of 8,000 to...
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    to upgrade my pc to use intel processor within a budget of 15k-20k

    this is my sys config........ AMD FX4100 processor asus M5A88-M mother board 6 gb ddr3 corsair ram coolermaster elite430 cabinet antec 550W smps seagate 1TB harddisk sapphire HD 6850 DDR5 PCI-E 1GB graphics card i cannot play crysis,prototype games so i like to upgrade my...
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    advice for buying gaming pc(45k-50k)

    i'm bit confused about the selection of processor can any one suggest the best config from the given two config's 1.amd fx4100,asus m588 motherboard,sapphire 6850 grapics card i5 processor,mother board:67mle,sapphire 6850 graphics card(the cost exceeds beyond 50k)
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