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    Screen appearing stretched! :(

    I have a Lenovo Laptop (N-Series : 3000 N100) & am facing a weird problem. My screen supports 1280x768 resolution. Everything was fine uptil recently when one day, as I switched on my lappy, my Windows XP (SP3) started showing that a new hardware was found (Digital Flat Panel) & installed it...
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    How To Delete Yourself From Other People's Friend List

    Hey.. is it possible to remove yourself from other people's friend list in GTalk & from Yahoo Messenger?! I found a software wayyy back for this (for yahoo messenger) but i seem to have lost track of it or of where i downloaded it from.. Can anyone plz help?!
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    .vbs Virus in iPod!

    Hey All.. There's some kinda virus that's gotten into my iPod.. Whenever i double-click on my iPod drive (F:), An error screen opens up saying - Can not find script file "F:\NewVirusRemoval.vbs" & I have to right click->explore to open up my iPod.. The AntiVirus (AVG Free Edition 8.0) didnt...
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