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    Serious Problem... all .exe files deleting automatically

    Hi.. all I am facing a serious issue.. all .exe files are deleting automatically. i scanned my system with avast and avg antivirus but it doesnt show any kind of virus. only .exe files are deleting in all drives and all other files are not affected. I am using XP with sp2. Plz help...
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    how to convert/play DRM protected wmv video file

    i hav downloded a wmv video file. when i tyr to play the file,it is showing that tha file is DRM(digital rights management) protected.. can any1 help me in opening or converting this file...plzzzzz thanx in advance
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    how to improve download speed in mass downloder

    i hav 100mbps lan.... i am using mass downloder.. and download speed is max 5kbps.. wanna improve this..plz help me.. thanx
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