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    install win98 on winxp

    thanks dear for a help and sermon, i will try this out.
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    install win98 on winxp

    no this does't work, because win 98 overwrites the mbr leaving no trace of winxp. and as per multiple threads, they are because of very slow response from digit site, i stoped the page and resubmitted.
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    install win98 on winxp

    i have win xp already installed on one of the partition. i now want to install win98 to make a dual boot system. i don't want to reinstall winxp. please help.
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    Online File Synchronisation

    i work from office and home and frequently need to synchronise the files of home and ofice computers. is there any free online storage facility offering this service where i can keep my files synchronised using an internet connection. pl. suggest.[/b]
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    [Feedback] March 2005 Digit DVD/Digit Magazine

    ??? Results of Digit Carnival Feb, 2005 ??? Hello Digit Team. It's 15th of March, 2005 and no results for the Digit Carnival Feb, 2005 are available on the zdnetindia site. Have Digit team missed it? When will be the results out??? I think Digit should keep its promises regarding...
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    Digit Patron Helpdesk: Everything you wanted...

    Non receipt of DIGIT PATRON Prize This for the DIGIT PATRON Team: ====================== I am one of the Winners of DIGIT PATRON program, where results were annoumnced in Feb, 2005 Digit issue, and have won a 'Usha Lexus Mobile Phone' ( :) Hurray!!!). But as claimed by the Digit, i haven't...
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