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    Installing Drivers for windows XP without a floppy disk

    Hello , I recently bought a SATA harddisk and I want to configure it to run in AHCI mode. But to install the AHCI drivers I don't have a floppy drive. I am using AMD Phenom 9750 with mobo MA78GM-S2H with AMD SB700 . Just wanted to know whether a workaround exists to install the drivers...
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    Compare w610i and 810i

    Hi guys, I'm confused whether to buy sony w610i or 810i. I need a decent camera with autofocus and flash and a good mp3 player. My budget is within 9K. I recently bought a nokia 6233 for my sis after I received some valuable suggestions from you guys. Thanks a lot for that.
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    Compare sony w810i and nokia 6233

    Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum. I'm looking to buy a phone with a good camera and music player. I've heard Sony w810i and nokia 6233 are good. Also read a thread about comparison between these two. But that post was a year old. With all the upgrades and patches available today, which...
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