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    What is push email

    Heard about this feature in BlackBerry.Tell me in laymen terms please,
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    Can anyone teach me about various audio and video formats

    Like whats the difference between mp3,aac and flac,which is the best.What will happen if i change the bitrate to high.
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    Plasma TV and lcd tv

    Hi all, My uncle is going to buy 42 inch HDTV next week with a budget of 50k.He is confused between plasma and lcd,also which brand and model.Also he will be using cable connection on it.My question is,will a hdtv provide a better picture than old crt when viewing sd content.
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    Going to buy AC

    Hi all, I am going to buy AC tommorow within a budget of 28k-30k.I need a 1.5 ton,window ac.Which brand and which place in delhi you recommend.
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    Educate me on this

    Hi all, My router stopped working 2 days back,i am on mtnl 256kbps unlimited plan.The router is of D-link(502T),now i think of buying new one to enjoy wi-fi on my phone.Now my question is- Apart from router, what do i need to buy to enjoy wifi on my phone.I also want to surf on pc.Which...
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    Looking for router

    Hi all, I am on mtnl 256kbps ul plan and suddenly my router stopped working,blame the power cut.The router is of D-link,now i wish to buy my own router because mtnl is providing me old one and, Secondly i need wifi capable router.Can you guys suggest me a router which will work for me.Will...
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    Htc touch problem

    Hi all, My friend bought a HTC touch few days back.Everything is fine except usb cable data transfer speed which is sickeningly slow.It takes 15-20 minutes to transfer a 50 mb file on vista and it doesn't works with windos xp.When i plug the device in xp, it searches for drivers and then pops a...
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    HAy guys

    How are you doing.I am new here.:p:p:p
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