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    Help...Computer is restarting while installing Windows XP...

    Format your partition where you want to install XP. then restore default settings from bios. And try loading the XP. REply me.
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    Unable to install soundcard drivers.

    Remove any previous sound drivers of your onboard sound card in Safe Mode.Then go to the system bios and disable your onboard sound card. Then install your new sound card drivers first without pluging in your sound card. After installation install your sound card.Reply me if it works.
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    Can PC AV detect mobile viruses?

    Hey PC AV can detect mobile antivirus on Symbian based devices. I use Symantec AV to scan my mobi. You should try this.
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    Pri~!@#*&nting Problem

    I am using dual-boot system WindowsXP and Windows98 installed.I have Panasonic KX-1180 dot matrix printer.Whenever I try to print anything from WindowsXP it prints some wild characters and then stops but in the case of Windows98 it prints everything that I want.Why this problem is occuring?If...
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