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    [By Demand] May 2005 DVD

    :wink: we want to see demo digit
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    Best Anti Virus Software

    kav i am fan of kav :D download it and try for 30 day u will come to know which av is best in world. nothing is as good as compared to kav :wink:
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    [By Demand] April 2005 DVD

    i have dial-up coz broadband has not yet reached our small town so i want this time digit should include kaspersky av and firewall. plz remove avast from essentials and include kaspersky as u know it is best and unbeatable. :D
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    [By Demand] March 2005 Digit DVD

    plz include kaspersky firewall also plz plz :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
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    Which is a beter 1 ...........

    i think opera is best becuause it has made my dial up connection like isdn :lol: i think opera is best for dial up just u need is to enter serial which is easily available just search on google for serial of opera and u will get it :wink:
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    What is Hacking?

    Try ur hands on trojans u will definetely enjoy hacking (atleast being script kiddie). :wink:
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    [By Demand] March 2005 Digit DVD

    i want kav and some live cds of linux coz when windows get corrupt you need linux to transfer files to another drive so that we can format windows drive and reinstall it :?
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    [By Demand] March 2005 Digit DVD

    Being hacker I am really astonished with stuff of KAV. It is really boss of all antiviruses. Tricking Norton is like tricking a child but you can’t beat Kav easily. I want Digit shall add latest version or updates of Kav in its essential section. Norton takes about 10 hrs to update on my dialup...
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    [Feedback] Jan 2005 Digit DVD/Digit Magazine

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Kav Kav Kav Where is it
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