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    C/C++ help

    Hi friends! Can anybody please tell me that is there any way in C/C++ to work wid images?
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    shut down problem........

    hello friends, I m using windows xp pro. My modem burnt due to lightning and it caused some sparking. . After that when I shut down my pc, it keeps on displaying the message that windows is shutting down but does not shuts down and I have to turn off pc by pressing power button. keyboard and...
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    computer starts automatically

    hi friends! I am facing a problem with my computer, it starts automatically (after shutting down) when the ups is on. Can anybody tell me what the problem is and what I need to do?
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    database connectivity with C/C++

    hi friends! can anybody tell me how to make database connection with C or C++?
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    displaying data from database in JTable

    Hello everybody! Can anyone tell me the code for how to display data from table in database in a JTable in java. I am using java 1.5 and MS-Access.
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    using GridBagLayout

    Hi everyone! Can you please tell me how is display area divided in cells and in how many cells with GridBagLayout in java?
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    placing components in java

    hi! can anybody tell me,with a small example, how to place components (buttons, labels, etc) at desired position in java. I m using j2sdk1.4
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    help for java

    hi ! I am using jdk 1.5 but I am not able to execute any of the program. Program gets compiled but when I try to run the program it gives : Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: First I also tried j2sdk1.4.1_01 but the problem remains the same.
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    password remembered by window

    while logging in, I accidently checked the remember password box. now window automatically inserts my password. I am using windows xp. Is there any way to make window forget my password?
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    Frequency of RAM

    hi ! i m using windows xp. can u please tell me how to determine frequency of RAM?
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