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    Z77 Motherboards

    Does anyone know when these Z77 boards are going to hit the market. Are they be able to run the sandy bridge cpus or they are specifically meant for the Ivy bridge cpus. Any information on price factor / performance?
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    ATI Radeon 6870

    I want to buy a HD 6870 for my nephew, which brand / card should I go for at around 11-12k?
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    Overclocking Intel DZ68DB motherboard

    Is Intel DZ68DB overclockable? I saw intel's site, but nowhere they have mentioned any options about overclocking in this mobo. Its not an extreme series mobo, neither Intel has any other Z68 based mobo. Even Asus has got three P8Z68 series mobo, out of which P8Z68 v-pro, seems to be the popular...
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    Can 3D PC monitors be used for TV viewing?

    Can 3D PC monitors be used for TV viewing purpose without using a TV tuner card. Models like LG D2342P are claiming that TV can be viewed directly by connecting it to a set top box. However these would require a RCA video connector which the model doesnt have. Or will I require a RCA to...
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