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    Where can I get media centre remote

    Where can I get windows media centre remote (if availiable without the operating system) & what is the price. thnxs in advance!!!!!!
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    I have gigabyte 8TRS350MT mobo based on ATi 9100pro IGP chipset & my proc is P4 1.5 GHz with 400 MHz FSB . my mobo supports overclocking by changing the freqency.The default freq. is 100 and I changed it to 118 and proc is OC'd to 1.78 GHz. Ihave cheked CPU & mobo temp. & played NFSUG2 for...
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    problem with enabling DMA of cd-rom drive

    1> my cd-writer is not copying data in DMA mode. I tried to enable DMA in device manager (IDE controllers) but it shows that my cd-rom is transfering data in PIO mode & it does not change to DMA mode. my mobo is an ATi chipset based mobo & I am using winXP PRO as OS. 2> whenever I...
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    price of gigabyte GA-8TRS350MT

    can anyone tell me the price of gigabyte GA-8TRS350MT motherboard? The mobo is based on ATI R9100 Pro IGP chipset. If anyone has this board, please let me know his opinion.
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    Please reccomend a good moterboard for P4 socket 478 based processor having 400 MHz FSB. the mobo should preferably have good onboard graphics 7.1 or atleast 5.1 onboard sound 8x AGP slot support DDR mem of 333MHz & it should not cost a 'BOMB'
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    need contact no. or e-mail of ASUS dealer at Bangalore

    I need contact no. or e-mail of ASUS dealer at Bangalore.Do they have office at Bangalore?
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    soundblaster live 24-bit

    Does soundblaster live 24-bit support 7.1 audio? What is its cost?Is it better than the onboard audio of 915 chipset based mobo? help. very urgent........!!!!!!
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    does intel 915 chipset based mobo supports hardware T&L

    does the onboard graphics chip of intel 915 chipset based mobo supports hardware T&L
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    compatibility with ASROCK P4 915GL Dual

    i have p4 1.5 ghz processor purchased in sep 2002. i think it is of 478 socket (not sure!!!) can i upgrade to asrock 915 dual without changing the processor? pleaaaase help me
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