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    Please suggest a good free music organiser available

    Please suggest me the name of a good free music organiser for organising my music collection.
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    suggestions Needed For Graphics Card Upgrade

    I have Hp Pavillion PC With The Following Configuration Pentium4 541 (P) HT 3.2 GHz:Intel 915G: 800 MHz front side bus.Socket 775:PCI slot one available:PCI Express Slot One but occupied. I already have ATI Radeon X300SE but the performance of this graphics card is very dull.Please suggest me a...
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    Suggestions Needed For RAM Upgrade.

    I want to upgrade the RAM of my Hp Pavillion PC having following configuration Pentium4 541 (P) HT 3.2 GHz:Intel 915G Memory Installed:512 MB (2 x 256) Memory Slots Available:4 Now i want to upgrade my RAM by adding 3-4 I GB RAM sticks.I just want to know whether my PC will practically support...
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    How to configure ZTE modem supplied by bsnl

    I am currently accessing net through easy dialer but i want to connet to internet without use of any software.Anybody please tell me how to configure the ZTE modem and is there any way that everytime i switch on the modem,the internet will be connected automatically.
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