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    Please help me pick one of these 27" monitors

    Every time I think of buying a monitor, I get confused amidst so many thoughts and models. However, this time I want to buy it within this month as I'm planning to donate my (very) old love 17" LG Flatron in upcoming social cause at my office. ===My Requirements=== SIZE - 27" Full HD PURPOSE...
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    Panasonic THL32E6D - Gaming and MKV?

    Hi If anyone has experienced gaming via any console on Panasonic THL32E6D, please share your experience? Did you face any ghosting? Also, does it has MKV support in USB play? Thanks a lot
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    Graphics card for D915GAV chipset

    Hi, I'm planning to replace monitor with TV. However, I've an old PC with P4 1.4GHz and intel D915GAV chipset. It doesn't support HDMI and I'm not able to play many games as well which require PhysX (like Bioshock). Could you suggest me best possible card that may work with my existing...
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    Full HD LED TV between less than 32"

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a FULL HD 1080p LED TV which I'll primarily use for 4 things: - Hook My Old PC (which means no HDMI.) - Hook Set Top Box (using AV cables) - Hook XBOX for heavy games (using HDMI.. Should have decent response time) - USB Play (Good to have but not mandatory)...
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    Connecting xBox360 with monitor

    1) What connectivity ports are must required in a FullHD monitor to be able to connect xBox with it (audio+video)? 2) What connectivity ports are must required in a FullHD monitor to be able to connect DTH with it (audio+video)? 3)Will above work without turning PC on?
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    Full HD monitor/HDTV for PS3 and DTH

    Hi, I'm looking for a monitor with following must have specifications primarily to play FPS Hi def games and also watch movies (May connect with DTH or external TV tuner too in future). I went to Nehru place (Delhi) to check products availability as you get to see so many model on internet but...
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    Extremely confused on buying monitor

    I want to buy a monitor (yeah.. Full HD) of 22-24 inches size. Usage - Reading PDFs and development: HENCE, text should be very smooth and eye strain should be none - Watching movies: SHOULD give good display from different vieweing angle so that I can grap popcorn and watch from bed - In...
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