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  1. K

    What kinda person U are?

    oh yea i c what you mean now. from nov 24 2005 lol. maybe he's banned or something?
  2. K

    What kinda person U are?

    because it takes time to update. i fall under cat 2. :) 2 scared to risk the stability of my baby :P
  3. K

    PUK code?? Urgent

    puk sometimes comes with the box you buy the phone in.
  4. K

    cell around 6k??

    what do u mean 6k?
  5. K

    Extracting .rm files

    ahaha he maybe made a spelling error :D snooper roxx :)
  6. K

    A nice topic for project please!!!

    A payroll system is what I did on college. The possibilities to keep adding to it are never ending. hate vb now tho
  7. K

    Crysis with CryEngine 2

    The graphics on the game are out of this workd
  8. K

    Which game pad .. should I buy?

    I have a logitech and its great for Batt;lefield 2!!!
  9. K

    The HalfLife & CounterStrike Thread (with new CS trailer)

    HL2 rocks. I have completed it like 7 times now lol.
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