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    Big fonts in some windows

    I am facing annoying big fonts issue in some of software windows. For e.g Winrar & Vmware Workstation. Screenshot is attached herewith. I have installed Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit. I tried Ctrl+scroll, Ctrl+'-' but in vein. Pls guide
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    IE 7 Woes

    Some days ago i tried installing IE 7 beta 2 from Digit CD. I was knowing that it requires internet connection, but then also i tried. At one stage installer asks me to validate my copy of win XP by connecting to Microsoft's site. i clicked on validate & something happpened & then installer...
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    32-Bit Monitor Resolution

    When i assembled pc 4 years ago, my monitor was having 32-bit colour depth in Display->Setting section. Then due to some reason my vendor formatted PC & Partitioned HDD. He then installed everything necessary, but since then monitor shows only 24-bit colour depth (max available). My monitor is...
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    Wanna get look of Vista? Read this

    if u wanna get look of Vista without installing or without upgrading ur old PC, then check out website of crystalXP for Vista Transformation Pack or contact me.
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    DVD Region

    Recently i purchased Gigabyte Combo Drive. It was working fine until i accedently changed DVD Region in the Device Manager Properties in Windows XP. Now drive don't detect DIGIT DVD's in win XP. drive detects DVD's in win 98. pls help me. i have 98 on c drive & XP with sp2 on d drive
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