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    System hangs when coping contents from cd/dvd

    When i copy some contents from any cd/dvd the system gets slow.I'm not able to any other operation.Pls help me in finding the problem System config: amd phenom X2 gigabyte MA78GMT-UD2H 2gb -DDR3 sony dvd writer(IDE) 500gb hdd
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    System not switching on

    When i switch on my system,it gets switched off immediately.I changed the smps, cleaned the ram slot and ram .Please help me in sorting out the issue. System configuration: amd athlon 64bit asus-k8n-Vm 1gb ram 160gb HD
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    Sugest a ear phone

    i recently got transcend mp3 player (T-sonic 610). Please sugest me a good ear phone for my mp3 player. please specify model no and price
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    restrict net for user

    how to restrict one user account from internet in windows XP
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    To add insert option for optical drive

    is there any registry tweak or any other way to add insert option in right click of optical drive.
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    graphics card

    sugest me graphics card(agp),within 6k
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    linux partition to fat32

    is there any software to convert linux partition to fat32 or ntfs.
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