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  1. montylee

    Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) Install Guide!

    Hey, i just downloaded and installed Ubuntu 7.04 and also wrote a small install guide for newbies. Check it out at my GNU/Linux blog: any feedback would be welcome!
  2. montylee

    How to install GNU/Linux on G965 based configuration?

    today i tried to install FC6, Mandriva 2006, Suse Linux 10.1 from the respective DVDs. The system boots from the DVD but after that it is unable to find the installation media. My configuration is as follows: 1) Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 2) Intel DG965RY motherboard. 3) Western Digital 250GB...
  3. montylee

    Amazing File Sharing Tool!

    This may be a bit old but still i wanted to share it with everyone. If u regularly email or share large files to ur friends, u can use for uploading ur files. Just upload the file u want to share, and send the file to ur friend or urself using dropsend. This way, u can share...
  4. montylee

    MTNL's Diwali broadband gift!

    Source: MTNL waives off initial one time deposit of Rs. 1300 till 15th November as a Diwali offer. Yipeeeeeeeeeee
  5. montylee

    Zebronics dealer in Nehru Place

    Hi everyone, After searching much i finally found a Zebronics dealer in Nehru Place. Here is the address: JR Infotech Address: 92 Nehru Place (Deepali Building) Shop # 111, Kalkaji, Delhi 110019 Phone: 41395535, 41617939 Hope...
  6. montylee

    PC hangs at Windows XP login screen

    Hi, My cousin has just brought a new PC and installed Windows XP with SP2 on it. While the PC runs fine most of the time, sometimes when the PC is booted it hangs on the Windows XP login screen. Sometimes the mouse moves but nothing can be clicked. What can be the problem?
  7. montylee

    A nice Gaming software

    I came across a nice gaming software and thought of sharing it all of u. Here is the download link: Gameshadow automatically searches ur pc for the installed games and can provide updates from the internet. It can also find new games for u.
  8. montylee

    Low budget PC under 15K

    My cousin needs to buy a PC. His maximum budget is 15K. The PC will be used for non-gaming purposes. Please suggest a good low-budget PC under 15K. The PC can be branded too.
  9. montylee

    Availability of Intel G965 Chipset based mobos

    Well, Conroe is available in India now but i am not too sure abt the availability of Conroe compatible motherboards especially motherboards having Intel's latest Integrated Video chipset G965. Intel and Asus have released motherboards having the G965 chipset. The one that interests me are: 1)...
  10. montylee

    Best onboard graphics chipset...

    Hey, i just wanted to know the best onboard graphics chipset. The choices are: 1) Intel G965, 945G. 2) Nvidia 6150 (for AMD) 3) ATI 200 (for AMD and Intel). So, which one of the above has the best onboard graphics and why? Any thoughts...
  11. montylee

    PC Case or a Jet Engine!

    Wow, see this monster PC Case: Looks amazing...
  12. montylee

    Intel Conroe and AMD AM2 Price Thread

    Hey since everybody is excited abt Intel Conroe and the AMD AM2 i thought of starting a thread which will have the latest prices of the above. So, everybody start posting the latest prices now!!! Hey, just checked the latest rates for Computer Empire, Nehru Place: Intel Core 2 Duo: E6300...
  13. montylee

    Chance to get ur name in Firefox 2!!!

    Hi, if u wanna see ur name in the upcoming Firefox 2. Then visit and invite a friend. If ur friend downloads Firefox, then names of u and ur friend will be added to Firefox 2. Go, go, go... :)
  14. montylee

    AMD Cuts Processor Prices finally!!!

    Today, AMD has cut its processor prices as scheduled by 30-50%. Here's the link:,,51_104_609,00.html yipee.......
  15. montylee

    DirectX 10 would run only on Windows Vista

    Sad News for gamers... Micorosoft will release DirectX 10 only for Windows Vista. This means that those who have Windows XP or Windows 98 would not be able to use DirectX 10. Here is an article on the same: Really bad strategy...
  16. montylee

    ATI to launch new Integrated Graphics chip supporting DirectX 10

    ATI is planning to launch integrated chip supporting DirectX 10 in 2007. Here is excerpt from the net: "ATi, although very well-known in the GPU business with its Radeon line-up is also doing quite good in the chipset market these days. The Reds have some great northbridges out there and...
  17. montylee

    Zebronics/VIP availability in Delhi

    Hi, Yesterday my friend went to Nehru Place to get the latest rates of some hardware. He also tried to query the prices of Zebronics, VIP cabinets but couldn't find any. He could only find Navtech. Are zebronics/VIP cabinets available in Delhi? If yes then please give the details...
  18. montylee

    DLink Modem with MTNL broadband

    Hi, I am planning to purchase broadband connection from MTNL. Instead of renting a ADSL Modem, i want to buy a modem myself. MTNL is renting DLINK 502T model which is essentially an ADSL router. ( Now, i don't think i need an...
  19. montylee

    Good Cabinet+PSU under 2K???

    Hi, I wish to upgrade my P-III machine with an AMD based machine. I have finalised all the components except the Cabinet and power supply unit. PLease suggest a good cabinet with appropriate cooling and a good PSU. Total budget = Rs 2000. thanks in advance...
  20. montylee

    A good AMD motherboard witg onboard graphics

    Hi, I want to buy a good AMD based motherboard with onboard graphics. Some options are: 1) MSI RS480M2-IL 2) Asus A8N-VM CSM Are there any more motherboards available with onboard graphics... help me please...
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