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    Need HELp

    Hello Guys I need help upgrading my pc to a Nice gaming. My current Spec: Phenom ii x2 550 BE Mothboard MSI (cheap) DDR2 Ram 2gb Local PSU -450 W not sure 9400gt chinese. xD 20" Lg monitor 1600x1200 max res. I have Rs.15000 To spend. Suggest me anything I also need my pc for...
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    Pc config for about Rs.About 1 Lakh.

    I need the config I am gonna oc ,play games,HD monitor,One of the best graphics card,And I need atleast 8Gb ddr3 Ram for my sofwares such as photoshop,dreamweaver,indesign,3ds max,etc. Thanks in advance
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    Want to upgrade my PC Please give me options

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A:Gaming,multimedia,workstation I want to upgrade my pc i have phenom ii x2 550 B.E ddr2 2gb 800mhz ram 320 gb hdd...
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    Want to upgrade my PC

    I have : phenom ii x2 550 b.e msi motherboard-k9n6pgm2 2gb ddr2 ram 800mhz 320gb hdd 9400gt chinese xD My budget: 10000-11000 i want to upgrade my motherboard,Ram ,graphics card so that it can run all games or medium or high settings ,and also i am a graphic designer so i dont want...
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    which motherboard should i buy?

    which motherboard should i buy? i have amd phenom ii x2 550 black edition 2gb ddr2 ram 800mhz msi mobo Am2+ k9n6pgm2 i got i purchased it on 25th dec. 2009 i want to upgrade my configuration i thought of getting gigabyte 880gm-ud2h its here (new delhi,nehru place) for Rs.4200 in...
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