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    CONGRATS TENIDA for winning xbox one contest!

    Waaaoo....Many congratulations Tenida :number1:
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    Sharing Internet on all PC's...

    I have the same problem as OP mentioned ^ please someone reply...thanks.
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    Which upcoming games are you most excited for?

    ^gta 5 for pc in this year..nah!!! i dont think so..!
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    Max Payne 3

    nope...completely different story :)
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    Max Payne 3

    where?pc or xbox ??
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    LA Noire comming to Pc on November

    congratulation man :smile: SS please :grin:
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    Is there any good 24'' samsung monitor available in kolkata

    hi friends, One of my friend looking for a samsung 24'' monitor. His budget is around 15k. Recommendations and suggestions please. thx in advance. also can anyone tell me is these monitors available in kolkata? samsung s24a300b Samsung BX2450 samsung t240hd
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    ^^ well said mate :)
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    LA Noire comming to Pc on November

    Hey guys..Any one got their copy?
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    The SHOWOFF Thread

    Gee, thanks :)) 1st one is for internet only(24*7). 2nd one for gaming and internet(BSNL 2 AM-8AM free D/Ling). 3rd one (CRT one) is very old...just for watching TV . 4th one for odin(share market software) thank you Tenida :)
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    The SHOWOFF Thread

    My setup is a little different than you don't laugh :oops: :evil:
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    My New Laptop - Thanks guys

    Gr8 laptop evilcrafter bro enjoy :) nice wallies to.. :D genelia mila (hey..where did you find the last pic??)
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    BSODs and Driver Problems

    Congratulations JS bro :) the card looks great..enjoy :D
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    Favorite Game Character (villain , hero , npc)

    Tommy Angelo from Mafia. n Niko bellic from GTA4
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    Dead Island

    exactly ;) f*cking boring :x
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    Need New Components

    offtopic @JS bro is your card working ok now?? :)
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    Should I Buy- Seagate New Series 500GB Hdd (Series No.500D___) Forget Next Characters

    Re: Should I Buy- Seagate New Series 500GB Hdd (Series No.500D___) Forget Next Charac 7200.12 :smile:
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    Need GPU for 11000 max?

    ^^yes, it can for sure ;)
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    Building a rig @ Rs. 25k.... need advice/ suggestions...

    WTF :-o Ofcourse it can play crysis n crysis 2 @ 1024*768 with Medium settings :)
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    Display for 12K!

    Congratz masterkd bro..hey did you receive any 3.5mm audio jack with it ???
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