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  1. Technocratamit

    I am very Confused..need your Advise my Friends

    As Conqueror said this section of forum is highly inactive and thus ignored but your open,honest and unabashed way of asking help caught my attention. I exactly know how you feel and where you stand as I was in very similar position at the start of my career too. In my family nobody was an...
  2. Technocratamit

    By Demand [Nov 2009]

    Why look for demos instead of free games , I mean games like Urban Terror,Battle for Wesnoth,etc etc there are plenty of free games, I would appreciate if more free games which can run on both linux and windows machines are given on digit dvd ! One more thing videos covering entire webinar...
  3. Technocratamit

    DCC Delhi

    Anyone attended any DCC in Delhi ... ever ?
  4. Technocratamit

    By Demand [Nov 2009]

    Anorion : Which OS images are going to be shipped this October... ? Are they going to be 64 bit OSes ? Please focus on 64 bit OSes atleast for one issue... !
  5. Technocratamit

    Enter 09 2009 feedback

    Re: Tried and Tested feedback 09 2009 Why lenovo netbooks were not considered ? Another thing was the lack of focus on SSD options for harddisk which were not considered ? :???:
  6. Technocratamit

    By Demand [October 2009]

    Anorion thanks, would be looking forward to the issue ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- One more thing, Has motion gaming ever covered in digit ? I mean we have got motion gaming features in mobiles and some consoles are also...
  7. Technocratamit

    How many girls are there in TDF?

    Are you interested in technology,systems,games etc which digit is all about or you are interested in women psychology and their affinity towards geeky stuff ? If you are interested in female psychlogy then look where there are females. we are already seeing pink laptops,desktops,beautification...
  8. Technocratamit

    [By Demand] Fast Track Topics

    Can storage topics be covered on fast track ? Various Storage Devices, their issues, troubleshooting disk failures,working with scratch discs, best practices to store data in portable and non-portable media. etc ?
  9. Technocratamit

    By Demand [October 2009]

    Please include 64bit operating systems and softwares.My request for softwares to be included on dual layer DVDs. Sabayon KDE 4.2 64 bit Alien Arena 2008 War Zone 2100 Tremulous Nexuiz Racer:Real Deal True Combat:Elite Spring Battle For Wesnoth Sauerbraten America's Army Flight Gear Vendetta...
  10. Technocratamit

    By Demand [September 2009]

    I want articles on User privacy on internet, articles on proxy servers. Would appreciate if top proxy solutions,softwares and video tutorials are included on the DVD.
  11. Technocratamit

    Preview + Feedback [July 2009]

    Unlike many others posting here on the forum I like the coverage on security. It seems this months flavour was security or ethical hacking.However I would have liked a more detailed and in depth approach towards the topic. More often than not, the articles covered on such sensitive topics are...
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